Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Happiness is the consequence of personal effort."

Hello. I'm 22 years old. My life has leaded me to know how important to keep the happiness in our life in order to survive. The above quotation is from Gandhi I guess. I can't recall. Hehe.

So, what's happiness to you? What's happiness to me? What's happiness to everyone?
I find it hard to please everyone around us. To tell ya what, I had a lot of experience of hoo...yeah, that's right.
These experiences have somehow a power on me to become stronger and to be wise enough to judge the next step of my life. I'm somehow glad it all happened to me. Thanx guyz!
No, I don't want to touch on that subject yet here. Maybe later.

To be happy, we all have to work for it. Work very hard in fact. However, again, in order to achieve the happiness, we have to care about the people around. If we're happy, but what about the people around us especially the close ones, if they are not happy, will you be happy? My point here is that whatever kind of happiness that we are dreaming of, we have to consider the feeling of the people around us. In other words, don't back stab! It hurts to the bone! Haha. I make quite a point there!

What I can say is that, try to listen to everyone around us, help them to be happy, because that is what I'm doing right now and I find it magical. To see the smile on their faces would bloom a small proportion of happiness inside of me and there right there, a little happiness will make it all different! So there you go, the personal effort is fulfilled! Even a little, I believe the "grand" happiness will come in our way eventually. But hey, human will never satisfy, they will seek for more more and more until their last breath......

p/s, quite disorganized. Well, i'll work on that.


Hello peeps! Erm, if there are people out there who are reading this.
This is not a new thing to me as I used to have a blog before but here is the newest one from me.

It is a cool thing to have a space for myself to voice out the things that matter in my life.

So, here we go: My life. My Love. My Rock!

The phrases occurred to me after I had a long thought of what I’m interested to write about in this blog.

My life is all that matter that leads me to the search of the true meaning of this life. Life has been quite wild to me and I will always have to struggle in catching up with it.

My love is what I care the most; the loved ones in my life. And love to God of course!

My rock! is the coolest part where the combination of my life and love which rock my life and it is the reason why I’m still alive and kicking. I’ve gotta love my life. Love every second of it! Yeah!

And yah, I would like to hear any feedback from all of you. Yes, you!

So, are you ready to rock??? haha. ;D