Monday, December 28, 2009

Girl Power 101: Forget the jerk!

So, here is the case.

My friend told me something has been bothering her mind.

So, slowly I asked her, what's her problem, and she gathered her strength and finally she spoke out.

She said, there's a guy from her past came back into her life and apparently she realized that guy has only came back for all the bad reasons. What happened in the past was real.

She added, that guy has a girlfriend and they are having problems. She thought she was there to help him, to make things clear. She obviously has got into trouble by helping that guy.

Apparently, it wasn't kind of regular help, no need to go details into that.

And I asked her, "why did you go to him at first place? You know he's up to no good. And I know you wanted to change and leave the past behind? What happened?"

She said she was out of her mind that time, she got frustrated with other guy (guy B), and the guy from the past (guy A) came right in time and she went to the guy without thinking rationally. She must be very upset about the guy B.

I asked her how's everything now? And she said that guy A is happy with his girlfriend now, and ignores her.

The problem here, she felt used, and the feeling of anger, hatred mixing up altogether.

My, that's really bad because it's never good to have so much anger and hatred in our soul.

So, I told her, just let go. That guy is obviously useless for her. Nothing but a burden to slow her down.

Build a forgiving heart (just like my post earlier *ahem*) and give herself some space to move on, and never look back.

From my own experience, a guy can be very deceiving through his looks and his words especially! Don't get deceived. Make sure nice means nice.

Girls, we can't be pushed down anymore, stand up on our own, don't count much on men. Well, we still have to count on men after all. Think of our father or our siblings.

Remember, doesn't mean if you get frustrated with one guy, it applies to others men too. Give some space for rationality.

I told my friend, there are so many men out there, I'm sure you'll find a fine one for her.

About the jerk, just pray for his best in life and leave everything to God. There's no need for revenge or anything, let the time decides everything.

I emphasized that she should never contact him after this, and since that guy is ignoring her, this will make things easier. Just remember not to have any pity towards him anymore after this.

She seemed fine after I explained to her. And she feels so much better now.

Till next time,

Heaven Ain't Cheap

I was reading one of my fave blogs, it was about her intention to cover her head and she's facing a dilemma in committing her intention.

My opinions here would be a little too strong for certain people, but it is really bothering me not to voice it out. Sorry.

Why do I cover my head at first place?

I remember my first time covering my head was after I've reached puberty and I felt that I have no choice because I believe God is always there for us, watching us. I believe it is sinful not to cover our head.

In the present time, I'm still wearing hijab (However, my hijab has gotten shorter as time goes by, ;D) and I'm not planning to take it off any time in the future. InsyaAllah.

When talking about covering our head, it is related to the activities that we do daily. Which means here, what we wear influences what we do.

I know wearing hijab can be very deceiving which these people might have more serious social problems, but think of this way, those people at least they have escaped from the sins of showing their hairs to others. What say you about this?

I'm so sick of people mocking upon this matter. And for the worse, using this matter as the excuse for not covering up. Each piece of hair is counted here. What do you say about this?

I have seen a lot people who have changed from wearing hijab to uncover their heads and become more daring than anyone else. I bet there's something inside them from long time, that has been begging to be unlocked. And once "the inside" has been unlocked, it went out of control. And the only key to unlock "the inside" is by uncovering their head.

I'm saying this because once they "unlock the inside", they can dress up and act wildly, they are the next good girls gone bad which is something that they are proud of apparently.

For those who are considering to cover up, please don't look upon those people who has unlocked the inside. Look upon the good things of covering up, your sincere intention. And the only intention which is acceptable is because of Him.

God has given us lives and beauty (the girls), so we need to show some appreciation towards Him.

Covering up is not option, it's our obligation as women. No matter how hard it is, consider it as a sacrifice towards Him.

This is what I've been holding onto for all this while. Or else, I would have gone bad too! I love to dress up and become wild but I put everything aside because I know I'm not that weak and I won't give this kind of vanity a chance.

There are a lot of matters that I'm facing as I'd stumble a lot of times and I regret each time
and still struggling right now.

I really want to become a good Muslim and bring the name to world for others to admire.

I want to become a better Muslim each and every day. I really do. I'm talking here now as a very weak human being as I always got carried away with this modern life. However, this can't be the reason because everything starts with ourselves, bad things won't happen if we didn't start it.

I'm sorry if this sounds too provocative and please don't get me wrong as if I sound like I'm saying that I'm good because I'm wearing hijab. I'm not, I'm far away from good, and this is something that is bothering my mind when it comes to covering up, and I would like to share it with others. A little too harsh I know, but truth will always hurt. That's life, isn't it?

What I've learned back at school in my PAI subject was that, we should have always the feeling of fear towards God, because that's the only way for us to avoid doing the bad things. And I'm trying my best to hold tightly to it and I admit IT IS NOT EASY.

However, for those who are considering to cover up, consider this line, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions".

These intentions alone are not enough. Work towards it and always doa because that's our powerful weapon. InsyaAllah.

For some people, they are fine with doing other good deeds accept for covering their heads, and would put so many considerations to cover up.

Well, we'll never know when will God take our lives. I hope that helps.

And we all have to remember, heaven ain't cheap.

Well, if only you're planning to go there one day. Like me.

May Allah bless all of us. Amin.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thank You Very Much! ^_^

Thank you TeaLoveCoffee for these awards!
Really appreciate it!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Love Matters & Go Girl Power!

Looks like I'll be staying single for a long time this time.

I know what I'm saying and I mean it. But who knows what's next for me?

Some people has been asking me the predictable questions, wondering why am I still single?

There are a lot of reasons why, but I don't want to mention here. Well, at least not now.

However, I'm surrounded with the people who are always having the problems in their relationships, and somehow the problems are really interesting!

So, I'm thinking of sharing their love matters here. Don't worry I won't tell who they are, I'll tell in general.

And I also found out that girls need to have the power to say 'NO' when the situation requires it to be. Self-assertiveness is very important here. Perhaps, I'll come out with some ideas on how to deal with it later on.

I know I'm not a good lover or else why would I be single by now, but in the way, I've learnt something. Something very valuable that some might not have experienced it before.

So, I think this will be a great opportunity to share the story with others. It will somehow help others directly or maybe indirectly.

There are some stories from others that I happened to bump into and it has become part of me. Owh, I'm so excited about this.

For the next post, I'll talk about this interesting matter, love matter of course from a friend. Poor her, she has nobody to go then she chose to talk to me.

My arms are always wide-open to all those dilemmas, feel free to drop by and share with me. I feel quite "busybody" about this matter right now. haha.

But, I'm only human, I might can just review by being a good listener because I might be out of ideas to help. And after all, I'm not a love expert, I'm just trying to help whatever I can.

That's it for now.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Daily Planner

I'm looking for a good planner for this coming new year. A planner, not an organizer or a diary okay! They are three different things!

I've been looking at the stationary store at my area and none, I couldn't find any. Well actually there's one type but it is not for my type. (Does it sound out of line now? haha!)

Anyway, I'm still hoping to find one when I get back to Shah Alam. I bet Kinokuniya has it all. Can't wait to go there. I hope it's not too late because new year is approaching, and to all those people who are after the planners too, kindly please leave at least one, just one for me! Owh please!

I'm a sucker for the beautifully and colorful designed stuff so it's not easy for me to find one. haha. But I'm sure I'll find one. Erm, I'm talking about the planner of course!

I was browsing through the net and I found these which are so my type!

Look at it, such a beauty!

or this! the color is just marvelous! and these are just the cover,
what about the inside look?

very colorful indeed! err, but i think this is pretty too much,
let's try something simpler....

like this one! this is one is better.
the simplicity makes it a perfect planner!
owh i love it!

Owh, where can I find any kind of this type of planner? Any idea? Do share okay.

And I found this cool planner for teachers. I'm not sure how it works, but I think to all my dear friends who are going to do practicum, you guyz should try download it. Click here.

Really looking forward to find a good planner, with the beautiful design too of course. hehe. I really hope they are not out of stock because I'd be very frustrated and I would make a scene in the store which not really a good thing. Or I'd make the staffs over there to recheck over and over and all over again until they'll come out with the planner that I want. Pretty much not giving them any other choice but to give me what I want. They have to remember, "Customers are always right!" LOL!

Or else I would end up something like this,

err... -_-"

Thursday, December 24, 2009

For The Practicum (Part 1)

This is a kind of picture heavy post.

Today, I went to the stationery store and bought quite a lot of stuff for my practicum.

So, basically below are the pictures of the stuff that I bought:

LOTS of pen needed just in case if your students forget
to bring their pens!

a very long ruler (30cm), liquid paper, and eraser,
the basic stuff.

mechanical pencil and the leads
(well, you can actually look at the picture and cud tell what are they,
but i still feel like telling.huhu)

these glues are important okay! take note please. huu.

and then this, you know what it is.

a stapler and the staples

pita selefon and paper clips

this is very important! a pair of good scissors!
and of course the exam pad.

haa, this one is cute,
put everything in this so-called pencil case.

looking good! but more to come! ^^

but not to forget this one okay! =D

Since this school that I'm going is still using the traditional teaching aid which is the blackboard, so I don't need to buy markers. Yeay!

Wait, did I tell you yet which school that I'm going to do my practicum?

Well, the school is SMJKC Chung Hwa Klang! Yeah, it's a Chinese school.

I know I'll be having a whole lot of brand new experience and I'm so looking forward for it. huhu.

I got to list down other things to buy, huuuu. Quite tiring okay!

I think this is it for now. I'll update anything new later okay.

Gosh, so tired right now, I think I'm going to hit the sack.


To Err is Human...

When we're small, up until now, we could never run away from making mistakes. On the way we learnt a lot of things and some even have the greatest memories that we can never forget in our entire life.

I remember when I was young, in primary school perhaps, where I really despised it when some one took my stationery, such as a pencil, because it'd make me feel really sad. It's just a pencil, but I'd still feel very sad. I was very not matured back than, and kinda still very naive as I would write a note on a piece paper and placed it in the pencil box, for example. The note would sound something like this, "If you take my stuff, I swear to God, you'd turn into a frog!"

One fine day, it was about 10 years later, I found the note that I wrote, somewhere in between the books on the shelf, and I read it. My God, what was I thinking back then? Turn into a frog? I must have watched a lot of Disney's fairy tales until it influenced my imagination that much!

Wait a minute, this is definitely out of the line. But what I'm trying to point here is that even though people like to take my stuff when I was young, I still forgave them. My mom taught me to do so. So, now it's quite relevant with the topic right?

And right now, I'm learning to forgive everyone unconditionally. Even though I was very mad before, but at this very moment, I don't want to live in anger and hatred anymore. I want to let go of the resentment and build a forgiving heart.

I don't want to be mad anymore, so I forgive everyone (whoever you are).

I know I am only human just like you and way far from perfect, so I apologize for all my wrong doings to everyone who knows me and to all dear readers who may feel irritated with some of my writings. (Don't just wait for Hari Raya to do this okay.)

And after all, we're only human we can never escape from the feelings of anger and hatred but no matter how mad we are, the most important thing that we have to remember is that ..."To err is human, to forgive is divine."

p/s, but sometimes forgiven, doesn't mean forgotten~

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Heavy for the Holidays

*the title, courtesy of Milk Toof. huhu.

Since it's holiday, I'm gaining weight! Nothing new about it, actually.

And I guess, it's the time of the month again, pimples are gathering on my face. It's like they are celebrating the occasion. Thank you very much guyz, appreciate it so much! What occasion, you figure out yourself. But pimple is indeed a friend. When we're stressed out, it will never leave us alone, it will always be there for us. That's a quality of a friend right? Think about it okay. >.<

It's almost the same things that ever happened to me on every holiday except for few things. Like always; gaining weight, and then never ending complaint of why is this happening to me? That's the nature of human I guess (don't want to be sounded sexist here. teehee.)

Since all of my friends around here are busy, I pretty much stay at home doing what I do best, attaching to my lappie, like right now and playing with my nieces and nephew. Well, of course there are times where my father complained that I need to get away from my lappie. I know I know, I should try some other hobby and leave this unhealthy habit. Well, it is unhealthy since it only contributes more fat to my body. How many days already I've been like this and imagine how much fat I've gained! -_-"

Well, other than that is of course it's my friends' weddings! It's like an alert to me to wake up and grow up! I mean here is to start thinking of the future! But there's a voice inside, says that I'll do fine. And the voice sounds so sweet telling me that I don't have to worry, it's okay not to get married early, like my friends, because one day I'll find my knight who deserve each other (me and him) and we'll live happily ever after. It's worth the wait. We'll see about that. Thank you sweet voice! You're so sweet! heh.

This holiday is pretty special, because since I'm going to do my practicum at school this coming new semester, I received pretty good things from my parents. hehe. My mom bought me a new watch and my father bought me a pair of leather shoes. These things are very important to become a teacher. ahem. Note again that I'm only doing my practicum not a real teacher yet. Imagine when become one later but of course, my first salary will go for my parents and family.

The next cool thing that I'm about to receive is of course something really special and it's big! huhu. I really can't wait! Praying hard for that. But I have to be patient because I have to wait for a while to get a brand new one. ehe.

Whatever it is, I have to lose a lot of weight! And I need to get out from home now and do some jogging! It's about 4.30 now, I have to go and get ready. I'm going jogging at 5. Not to brag about it but I'm going to Bukit Besar which it's very challenging to jog to the top. huhu. We'll see how it goes. Btw, McD is nearby so maybe I can stop for Prosperity afterwards. gagagaga.

Haha. Till next time, GO OUT AND HAVE A HEALTHY LIFE! =D

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Material Little Girl

One day, one of my nieces, Safiah Hani kept on singing this line of a song.
" 'Cause we are living in material world, and I am material girl, lalalalalalalaaa~"

This niece of mine, she has a bit of character, which makes it very interesting to know her in depth. haha. Sounds like I'm doing a case study on her but nahh. I'm just trying to figure her out. Or maybe it is? haha. So what?

Safi, that's what we all call her, she's the princess in her family. Well, don't think it as a good thing, but think it on the other way. She annoys everyone especially my mother! Gosh, I literally can see smoke coming from my mom's ears everytime she looked at my niece. Everything that Safi does, always seems to be wrong in my mom's eyes. But when it comes to other niece, let say Iman Qistina, my mom would never do that. Yeah, you know it right. Say it or you can spell it?
That's right!

Okay, let's not go to that issue. The focus here, Safi's attitude.

She likes to dress up in fancy clothes and would classify things into two things. "barang orang kaya" and "barang orang miskin". At first I was like WTFish? But now, I'm used to it.

My mother and her dislike each other. But when I think of my other niece such as dik Iman, she's a spoiled too, but my mother seems to favor her. Probably because dik Iman is always around at our home. Yeah, that could be the reason.

So, I had this conversation with Safi one day;

Me: Safi, do you really want to be rich?
: Yes! (her eyes almost popped out when she said it)
Me: Is that so, erm, so you should marry a rich guy one day or maybe anak raja or something.
Safi: Wow! (her eyes were shining)
Me: Marry anak raja la, so I'll be famous too. And you'll stay in a palace where you will become a real princess. You don't have to do the chores and you'll stay beautiful like ever!
Safi: That sounds so good la makdik! (she put her both of her hands under her chin looked like she's imagining what I'd told her)

I couldn't stand but to laugh all the way to see her actions like that but I managed to cover it up. But I had to stop the conversation before anything bad happen or maybe she's already digested whatever I'd told her which means it was too late already. haha. I kinda enjoyed messing with her mind. teehee.

Wonder how she looks like, here's a picture of her posing using her big sis's phone.

She said she wants to keep her long so she'll look very pretty.
Note that she is so into herself.
Her siblings are sometimes sick of her self-absorptive.
Imagine how my mom feels about it? That explains right? haha.

Everytime we took pictures together, she likes to complain that I look fairer than her and it's not fair. haha. Well Safi, I can't help with it. huhu.

But I like this picture of us posing in a kind of bimbotic manner. hee. So, here it is.

I think this one is not that bimbo, but when to look at it, people would say,
"hey, like aunt like niece!"

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Family Day Around The World!

I've been very stressful and today I redeemed myself.

My big bro and his family came and we went to a family day of his workplace.

I wasn't in a good mood, so at first I hesitated but then after being persuaded by his children and I didn't want to let them down so I decided to join in.

It's better than do nothing at home with messed up mind right?

So, we went there with not so promising weather cause it might just rain at any time and it did raining!

My 5-year-old adorable little niece really impressed me with her language, she's pelat and she speaks English most of the time. So, imagine how cute the language would sound? And her voice is just like Donald Duck! Super cute!

Meet Sarahelwa, and she was saying, "Look makdik, flower so preetee."
So cute, I want to squeeze her!

The family day was held at the our Museum (well, not really ours, but at our place at least.huhu.) and it continued in the evening at Taman Tamadun Islam (TTI). Boy, I'm so excited about this place!

Take note that there are no pictures of us posing in front of the monuments because all of the photos are in my big bro's camera and have not been transferred yet. Bummer. There are only the pictures of me and my big niece posing posing and posing at the nearby area (using our phones of course). hehe. We girls are good at taking bimbotic pictures of ourselves. Natural talent maybe. hehe.

Before we got into TTI, we were given a passport for each of us! Coolness!

The passport, of course.

Inside of the passport, it said something about TTI and I'd like to quote some,
"TTI monument Park provides its visitors with a unique experience. Featuring 21 great Islamic Monuments that reminisce the rise of Islam into a sophisticated global religion."

There are replicas of mosques around the globe and it only takes a few hours to go around the world!

The most breathtaking one was Kubbah As-Sakhrah, Baitul Muqqadis, Palestin. It was built in 692 C.E. under the patronage of the Umayyad Caliph Abdul al-Malik ibn Marwan. It enshrines the Sacred Rock and commemorates the Prophet Muhammad's Ascension to the heavens to visit God. Inside of the monument, my nieces and I were mesmerized with the uniqueness of the structures, carvings, the materials used, everything about the place! To think of the Palestians who are trying so hard to protect the mosque is indeed a very sacred effort and the least we can do to help them is to pray hard for them. God plans everything for a reason. They all will surely live peacefully in the here-after. Amin.

My advise is, to all who read this post, you guyz should visit this place, TTI. It's really worth it! And not to forget, for Malaysians, flash in your MyKads at the counter and you'll get 50% discounts! For real okay!

I've done my visit today and for my second visit in the future, I'll get the privilege of FREE tram ride or bicycle ride! So, I can save my energy of walking (and even save time too if you're in a hurry) by riding on the tram or bicycle maybe. But I'd prefer bicycle. I guess you know why. hehe.

So, since it is still school holidays, for those who are planning for a vacation and still blur of where to go, I have the solution!

Come and visit Terengganu! Where the heritage embraces culture (erm, not sure but this tagline though. hehe.).

For the shopaholics out there, there's a good news! Batiks are on great sale here!

So, think no more! Just come over to Terengganu!

You won't regret it. =)

P/S, I feel so much better now, thank you for those who concern! Really appreciate it!
*the sweetest smile*

Friday, December 18, 2009

My Hatred My Anger!

I'm so pissed off right now.

I never hated anyone as much I hate some one right now.

This hatred seems like will be staying for a long time, and infinity.

From now on, I will never stop hating you. You gave me no choice here.

I am so mad right now until I could not think rationally and I know I would end up crying after this. So weak as it sounds, but at least I'd feel so much better after that.

So foolish of me to think you would change and end up like real friends? Bullshit!

You don't need me, as your friend, you have thousand other friends out there, why would you need me anyway? ppft!

Mistakes we made we can't erase it, but why can't we become better and learn from the mistakes?

I just want to get over this and move forward, and you, go to hell!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Let's Ride A Bicycle!

I was watching my little niece riding on her bicycle on the other day, and the flashback of my childhood came into my mind.

I remember my first time riding on a bicycle. It wasn't something that I could be proud of.

The thing is my father didn't let me ride on a bicycle and never occur to me to ask him why.

The first time I really rode my own bicycle, (well since my parents didn't even bother to teach me how to ride a bicycle when I was younger) is when I was in Standard 6! Yeah, Darjah 6 okay. That's when I was able to cycle a bicycle. It's very embarrassing to think about it. I mean look at my niece, she's like what, 5 years old and she can ride a bicycle on her own, and I'm not talking about the tricycle.

Well, we can't turn back the time but we surely don't want to repeat the same mistake, means here, my future offspring. I won't let them to go through the same thing that I had been through. Heh.

So, on the other day, I had fun riding on a bicycle! I mean like REAL FUN! I joined the kids (my little niece and her friends) playing with the bicycle until the night after, I had a real pain at the back and under my feet. But it was worth the pain though cause I had fun! Haha. Whatever.

That was like I qada' what I had missed in the past. My big sis and her friend and plus her friend's children seemed to be enjoying watching me riding on the bicycle. Well, you guyz should be in my shoes and experience it yourselves!

Alright, I'll leave you with the pictures of my little niece and I posing on a cool ride which is bicycle of course. Ehe.

yeah, we had so much fun!

look at my little niece. what's she doing? haha.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby's Names

I am very excited when talking about having children. My own children of course.

But let's see first. To have a baby, we must go through a marriage first just to have legal sex afterwards. Woohoo! Okay, let's not go to that extend, shall we.

Then, let's have babies! Boy, I'm so into this!

Since, I'm so single right now, I can't imagine any guy to have my baby with. ahem.

So, back to the back up plan, adopting a child!

Alright, so I'm planning to adopt a child in the near future? This is quite crazy. Why? Because I'm still young? Well, that's not quite a good reason. I'd love to become a mother at young age. I think this way I'll become more responsible towards everything in my life and appreciate my family even more.

Sounds almost nonsense, but that's the truth. And I really want to do this. I need to work hard from now on, for that.

Hey, guess what, I even have already come out with names for my babies. Ehe. Quite dramatic but it's really fun doing it. Okay, you can call me loser, pathetic or whatever, cause I don't mind!

So, I decided to adopt a baby girl and the possible name that I could come out with is Kayla Zara. Kayla means the wise child and Zara, you know one of the famous collections around here.

If it ever will happen to me to have another child in my life which I hope it's a boy this time, I'd name him Khalief Ferdous. I'm in love with the name Khalief! Khalief means the leader and Ferdous is the name of paradise. So, come together, the leader of the paradise, something like that.

Guess, I'm in love with K all the way! The names of the babies are the proof.

For those who think it is nonsense, well think again, or maybe you should try doing this.

Take sometime and come out with the list of names. You'll be very excited to have babies one day or maybe ask your girlfriends or boyfriends to get married right away! Haha. Well, that maybe too much. I got too carried away. Ehe.

Happy naming your babies! ;D

Friday, December 11, 2009


First of all, I would like to express my gratitude towards God. I can now think of what to wear for next semester. Just another reason to shop actually. Ehe.


I was very excited to know that I pass all papers. It was a nightmare last semester and I finally made it. Well, this is just the beginning, there's MORE to come. I can imagine how excited I will be in the end of the last semester, after sending the thick-covered book, which is the thesis, and knowing the last semester result, which will proceed me to the graduation day, I'll be dancing with the stars! Haha!

Owh well, while I was very excited earlier, then I found another news, (I know I should not be depressed anymore, but this one I couldn't help it) some one that I know quite well, got engaged. So, congratulations to you too! You've changed, you've grown up. That girl must be really lucky. Envy you girl. I will never forget what told me before, I deserved some one better. Thanx and I wish you all the best.

Somehow, I feel kind of stupid because I was planning to visit your mother, the same day you're engaged? Yesterday right? Haha. God have saved me from embarrassing myself. I can't imagine, go knocking on your house, then meet your mother who is very busy with the engagement stuff, and me? What would I do to be in the situation? Thank you God.

So, CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!

I am just so amazed with myself. I am still strong at this point. Still strong and keep moving. Thanx to all my supportive friends. Love you guyz to the bone!

Owh well, what the heck was I thinking? ppfft.

Life is short, let's don't waste it with something not important such as looking at the past maybe? Something like that, which only will slow us down and nothing but a burden. Leave it all behind, and move forward!

I'm so grateful right now and CONGRATULATIONS again my dear friends! =)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dealing With The Elderly

My grandmother has been staying with us for about a week or so already. It has been a pleasure to have her around here. She's my mother's mother. Make sense?

However, there's a interesting situation happens in taking care of my grandmother. But before to go details on to the situation, maybe I should tell a little bit about my grandmother and my mother.

My grandmother. My relationship between me and her is not really that close. Luckily, she doesn't live far from our home, so it is not that hard for me to visit her. (which I seldom did that, I know I know how bad it is, and I kinda regret that but very grateful now that she's staying with us.)
She's only has two children which are my mother and a son. According to my mother, she (mom) was not raised by her. She (mom) was raised by some one else. I can't recall who. But the thing is, my grandmother always practices favoritism which she favors her son more that my mother and that irritates my mom the most. Nevertheless, I still love her. And in fact, love her even more now.

My mother. She's my ever-conservative mother. She's conservative that sometimes it is entertaining because of her actions and her words. The thing about her is that she is kuat membebel. I hope I won't inherit that gene one day. Sometimes, it is just too much and my father and I just ignored her bebelan. Hee. Sorie mom, it is just too much for things that is just remeh. It has become her habit. But of course the thing I'd miss the most when we're apart is her lecture! Haha.

So, here is the thing.

Taking care of the elders can sometimes be patience-testing, you what I mean? But what I can see, I have more patience to compare with my mother's. In taking care of my grandmother, my mother seems to have short temper in dealing with her. She would lose temper easily with simple things that my grandma had unintentionally done. Come on, my grandmother is in her late 80's, what can we expect from her. I said this to my heart, "Hey mom, chill out, remember karma okay?" I wouldn't dare to say it loud to her. Haha. But of course, I have no such intention towards it okay.

From the situation, I have learned something. In taking care of the elders, we have to be really sincere in doing so. My mother might sometimes lost her temper easily, but I could see she really cares about my grandma. She would buy my grandmother's favorite food and would care of her clothes to wash. Maybe it is just her habit that she can't help it. But I really hope my grandmother didn't take it too seriously. I could see, she is scared of my mother sometimes. I'll make sure she's feeling okay all the time. I'll come out with some lame jokes, she'll laugh. Ehe.

Therefore, dealing with the elders is not an easy task. Remember, it is very important to respect them, and do it with love and sincerity. InsyaAllah, everything's going to be alright. =)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Green is the new red!

When talking about the green color, what's coming into your mind?

Vegetables, grasses, off-you-go traffic light color, and what else?

My mind can't thing of any other cool green stuffs at the moment.

Wait, maybe...

The Incredible Hulk?
He's a tough man but has some anger management issue.

So, what else?

Hey, come on! Have anyone ever forgotten about this one....

Yeah, ka-ching! ($_$)v
And of course if it's Malaysian currency,
it's only RM5 note is green

Is money everything to you?

I'd say, money is very important in our life!

Face the truth, can we survive without money? If you ask me, you know what's the answer.

Yes, yes, I know I know, people might say I'm materialistic or whatever, but let's face it again, can we survive without money?

I don't think so, mate!

How to earn a lot of money???

WORK HARD laa. I don't believe in easy money. Easy come, easy go. As simple as that.

But this is not my main concern right now, cause I just want to say that green is the new red! Haha.

I'm in love with green, apparently.

I remember in the movie, "A Confession of a Shopaholic", the green scarf remember????

Yeah, it just looks good in any colors accept for yellow! Don't wear green with yellow! PLEASE!
It's just killing me, to see the combination. The movie proves me right.

So, I'm looking for a classy green clutch, but still fail to find one, the one which suits my soul. :D

But hey, I ended up buying a green purse, instead. Haha. I was thinking that it'd be a difference if I carry green purse instead of any other dull color such as beige, gray of maybe black or brown?

Anyway, I loike it a lot!

Here it is,

Say hye to my new baby!

Never mean to be pretentious, but I just want to share something new with others.

Having to carry a green would be something really odd for some people, but I'd tell you not to be afraid, there's nothing wrong to try new things and after all, it's not a crime too (but if you wear something Lady Gaga for instance, it's a fashion crime!). Tee hee.

So, if you see me carrying this new baby of mine, please say HI. =)

On the other hand.....

dunno why, this is my first time wearing green.

and yeah, ahem...
do we look good together,
eh wait! i mean do we look good in green?

(note: he's my classmate and single)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sexual Revolution

I was reading about pre-marital sex (why on this matter is something else), and I came cross this post from "Dewanand of Netherlands".

It is relating to the post of "Pre-Marital Sex and Indian Culture".

It is quite interesting maybe I can share with anyone to read.

* * *

After the second world war the sexual revolution started in the Netherlands. Holland was one of the first nations where sex became nothing more than a cup of coffee. In the 1960's and after it the sexual revolution in the Netherlands was extreme. there was partner changes, group-sex, tools-sex, and many more materialized forms of sexual things. Now we are one generation further and look at the results. Many old people lives in extreme loneness. Family ties are practically gone forever here in the Netherlands. The whole society does not exist here in fact. Dutch nation is being presented as a fabric, where only material profit is important.

Children here have a hard youth. I feel so sad to see that young white girls cannot be happy, their whole youth is gone. For a little girl the youth must be pure and without problems of adults. If young girls are not happy then there is something really wrong with the society. In Hindu culture young girls have the powers of Durga Maata and in fact they are treated as holy members of the society. The facts of life in dutch free sex society: Many girls have no morality anymore. They see themselves as lower evolved creatures and they hate their own body. Mentally they are depressed and the result is that they do not enjoy relations with men. Lesbianism is very normal here in the Netherlands. Many young women are single and have no relations. Many white Dutch boys cannot find a girl here anymore, because the culture is gone and the pressure to be good in the sleeping room is extreme. There is always a man who is many times better and the Dutch boys knows that this is the reality. Love is gone. Tenderness is gone. Relations are built upon sexual needs, without the feeling of being connected with the other soul.

Love is completely materialized.

My vision: I think that sexuality is very important for every human being. and that's why it is better to marry at young age, to develop your own feelings toward and to fulfill your duty to reproduce. Every human being needs intimate relations to feel that he/she is living and enjoying life. But men have other definitions of intimacy than women. Maybe it is better to learn more things about the female vision on intimacy and love.

Sex and pornography are typically male things in society, because men have more needs and they must prove that they are good and potent or full with brutal male energy. Maybe it is better to make it easier to find a public woman and to let young boys develop their sexual personalities, But it is even better to let young boys marry early ages and to learn how to love somebody and to take care of the weaker gender.

The biggest problems in the Netherlands: Sexual orientation. many males have a homosexual phase in their life to experiment with the own gender. sex is the only goal of many males here. just like a sickness that cannot be cured. Many girls do not want a friend anymore and they decide to live alone forever, without children. Empty lives, filled with the richness of many thousands Dutch guilders.

Having mountains of money yet being extremely poor . Typical Dutch life here.

Many women here told me the following things: The men are just like animals, because sex and dirty pornography (doing things) are the only goals in a intimate relation with a female. The respect and tenderness are gone in free sex societies. Only doing (mating activity) counts. The satisfaction of women is very low and relations are terminated without being started.

Why do we condemn tenderness and deep intimacy (immaterial) between a man and a woman as being old-fashioned and backward? Old traditions are based upon wisdom that is developed during many centuries. the technology of the human spirit is lost nowadays and developing it again will take many centuries. We are back at the stone age, where females were preys and males were the hunters.