Tuesday, September 29, 2009

** Take a break! **

It's been a very hectic week and it will continue until the end of the semester. Adoyai.
Anyway, I have something really hilarious to share. It somehow can help me to loosen up the stress. I laughed so hard everytime I watch those videos and I hope you would too. Erm, if there is anyone to read this.
So, here we go...

Thanks youtube!
Enjoy! :D

Sunday, September 27, 2009

** Sucked Dry **

"Maka, layulah bunga-bunga sebelum berkembang..."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

** Raya is here. **

Today is the first day of Syawal after we had been fasting for about a month. Eid or Hari Raya Aidil Fitri is celebrated to commemorate Muslim achievements to overcome endless obstacles during fasting month of Ramadan. It's compulsory for every Muslim to celebrate it. This is the real celebration for us to be proud of.

Today, I ate a lot which is typical for every of us during this season. I didn't go out today, I only stayed at home serving the guests. Really love to meet my relatives who happen to meet once a year which is only on Raya!

I did a lot of house chores lately at home. Like yesterday, I sental almost satu rumah. I know I couldn't count on my big sis, so I should just do it on my own. Then, my big bro and I collaboratively work on changing the tikar getah. The night after that, my back and my hands ached and I have to take pain killer for that. But I'm fine now and today, like always I'm in charge in serving the guests. For the task, I have to make drinks for every guest who come to my house. There's one big family came and I have to make a lot drinks. I could see from their faces, they were quite impressed. Haha. Whatever! Afterward, of course the harder part, washing the dishes! Very tiring but it was fun.

My father changed his mind about not accepting my gift. I showed it to him and he was skeptical at first but then he somehow kinda like it and he finally accepted. Must be the ego of a man! Hah! Admit it pak!

My mother is having trouble in eating the kueh raya as she has diabetes and of course she can't eat sweet stuff. I bought her a lot of them but she can't eat all of them. It is really saddening when to think about her condition. If there's anything happen to her, I can't imagine what will happen to me..................................

I think I should stop here..
Till next time,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

** Kueh Raya Hunt **

Last night I went shopping for kueh raya. And so I went to PKNS. There are a lot kueh raya over there and they are cheap too! Da nak raya kan, sebab itulah lelong dgn murah sekali. So pe gi, kita pon borong laa kueh2 tersebut. There are also kerepek, kacang2, and kueh batang buruk. Borong lagi. Hahaa. Raya setahun sekali je kan, so tape laa borong je. :D

By looking at those kueh raya and kerepek2 that I just bought, I just can't wait to go home to see those faces, waaaa! Tak sabarnya nak balikkkk.... Padahal keje esaimen bertambun gi ni. T_T

Hopeefully, my baju raya is ready tuk raya. Kasut raya tade lagi, pakai yang 2 tahun lepas je laa.

A few weeks a go, I bought something for my bapak, and I told him bout that. Then the next day he sent me a message said that " No need to buy me anything. I've everything already". Guess, I have to give it to some one else. Kecik ati jugak laa. Huhuuu.

For my mom, I guess the kueh raya is more that enough. My mom loves to eat. She even told me before, if I want to buy her anything, buy her something she can eat. So I guess the kueh2 and kerepek2 are more than just enough. Gosh, I mish her much.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

** Thinking of you...*

"I guess I am thinking of you..."

Sunday, September 13, 2009

** And she cries... **

She cries
Because she realizes,
she always asks for strength
Asked for everything.
But she doesn't contribute much.
And still she keeps asking,
never stop asking,
for the strength to endure
the hardship in her life.
And she cries,
because she knows
She doesn't deserve it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

** Ahi doesn't give it a damn! **

First of all, Ahi is my manja name at home. Pretty cute. Haha! :D

A: Durrah, you memang tak bukak tudung eh?
Me: Nape plak I nak bukak tudung?
A: Tade lah, I tengok orang lain on off je tudung tu. Sebab tu I tanya you.
Me: Owh, tu orang lain, bukan I. Pe daa...

* * *

B: Cane eh rupa you bila free hair?
Me: Erm, camtu ah, cane gi.
B: Eh, I nak tengok gamba you free hair boleh?
Me: Mesti la tak boleh.
B: Kedekut la you ni. Saving gila!
Me: (blah ah, rimas) Sorie...

* * *
Why O why?
I've been wearing my tudung since I reached my puberty, Form 2. It never occurs to me to be "free hair" like other girls. One thing for sure, my parents will be upset but that's not the thing. I don't want to touch on the hukum hakam of it because every Muslim knows it well dan seme2 pon da besa.

I'm happy to be wearing tudung just the way I am right now. I don't care if some people would like to call me orthodox or whatever, cause I don't give it a damn. From now on, I'd be more strict about it.

Our hair is our crown and only certain people would have the privileges to take a look at it. And for me, I would like to keep it to some one really special ehem ehem. Yeah, one day. :)

okay pe pakai camni. ^ ^

Monday, September 7, 2009

** Materialism **

Materialism is a word to describe something or some one who is attached to material in his or her life. Usually, it is referred to the women who they call as "pisau cukur". What I would to focus on here is that the men who are attached to materials. It is nothing to do about being a feminist, but the idea of a guy who is being the "pisau cukur" (or maybe the different term should be used?) occurred to me this morning.

Material men is common nowadays. From what I have observed (ecehhh), they are sweet talkers which I always fall for (haha!). They always look stunning in whatever they are wearing and sometimes I would confuse which I thought they are gay. Gosh I hate them! Ermm, maybe I should not start on that. Anyhow, people always focus on the women when talking about materialistic. I think it is not really fair.

I'm not being jealous or anything with them, it is just I'm thinking of their pride and dignity. Men are supposed to have the ultimate alter ego but when it comes to this, it might be the opposite way. The women spend their money for them which means the roles have been exchanged. It is like the men are the ones who suppose to stay at home to wash the clothes, feed the babies, do the cooking and stuff??? Hurmmmm...

Owh well, whatever. This is just a thought and it is generic.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

** For the time being...**

For the time being, I'm enjoying my life; my single life to the fullest. Of course there are ups and downs every now and then, but that's life. I have to deal with those obstacles so that I will discover the beauty of all those. I'm optimist and realist! Yeah!

Sometimes, it would occur to me, wondering should I get a boyfriend right now because the thought of being a loner is pretty scary. But when to think about it again, hey come on, stop thinking about it. Remembering what happened in the past, it gives me a creep and nightmares! I have to admit, my heart was ripped out and I was left out alone to bleed. But I'm gaining my strength slowly and I'm better now. My heart is functioning quite well and I make sure that the same thing will not happen again in the future. A few precautions will be taken.

For the time being, the things that I miss so much is my home. I miss my mom, bapak, everything at home so much! Only God knows how much I miss them! Lucky for me, I have my best friend, Farhana to hang with so I won't feel that lonely every weekend. Thanx bebeh. Love you so much!

So I guess I'll keep being single for the time being until my knight will come and take my breath away and we'll live happily ever after (dream on!).


Saturday, September 5, 2009

** Dear Big Sis **

Dear sis,

I know I'm only your youngest sister but I have feelings too. I know "air dicincang takkan putus" but sometimes I couldn't stand you. You hurt me (not physically) a lot. I have no choice but to accept your treating towards me. It hurt so much you know. It's been my dream to have siblings who care about me and I can share almost everything with you guyz, but I wasn't lucky enough I guess. Maybe I was born to be independent since I'm away from my parents.

I know you care about your life more than anything in the world, and now you're dating somebody but at least, please don't ignore us. Sometimes, I feel very lonely and I really wish we can share the girl-talk with you but I don't think it will happen between us. Not in a million years I guess. And yeah, you can brag about your rich boyfriend because I don't care bout it. But if that makes you happy, go on, brag about it. All I ask is some attention from you and care more about my feelings. Is that too much to ask? If it is, just forget about my wish.

~Your baby sis

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

** Infidelity **

This is a common issue nowadays. Here, I would like to define INFIDELITY in my own words. Infidelity is not just between a boifren and a girlfren, but it also can happen in a friendship. BACKSTABBING is the accurate noun to describe it. Why owh why this life is so difficult for me. But I have to remember, life is an art. People are freely to interpret whatever we do and there is no right and wrong in interpretation. I leaned that in literature. However, there's always the other side of the story. We can't just listen to the one side only, owh well, there is no use of talking about this. People know bout it already.

So, I would like to share some situations where infidelity takes place.

Situation 1: As a girlfriend, do we care about our boyfriend, who does he mingle with? The answer is definitely YES! WE CARE! Erm, well for some guyz, they think it is a bit too much. He might think we were trying to control them and he always wanted his space and what's next? He's seeing other girl behind our back and felt okay about it. WTF??!!! And the worse part.....owh WHATEVER!

Situation 2: What is a true friend? A friend who dun talk back of us ( I know it's impossible but there is a limit and we know it),or maybe someone who does not spread rumors about us regardless what kind of rumor it is and the situation. It means here that whatever there is a story about us, the bad ones especially, they will never bring up the story to others and add up the spice. Well, consider how long the frenship has been goin on, the gud times we had together, how cud a friend backbiting his or her friend by doing stuff that I've mentioned...? Surely, this is part of infidelity. Nak ngata orang, diri da perfect sangat ke? Satu jari tunjuk kat orang, lagi 4 jari tunjuk kat diri sendiri...And of course nobody's perfect and my point here cermin diri dulu sebelom nak ngata orang. Or maybe juz MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS plz?

Situation 3: Well, I can't continue... Maybe next time...

P/S, I don't tolerate infidelity at all~

** Nur Kasih **

Lewat ini ku rasakan
Kasih kian ku dambakan
Resah hati yang ku pendam
Pada takdir dan harapan

Detik waktu dan suratan
Siapa tahu ketentuan
Ku mencari cahayanya
Dalam bayang kegelapan

Nur kasih
Nur kasih

Nasib hidup dan pilihan
Lain hukum setiap insan
Mengharapkan perjalanan
Dalam maya kesamaran

Nur kasih
Nur kasih

Aku kembali kerana masih
Mencari yang hakiki
Sinar pasti
Janji suci yang abadi

Ooo kasih
Nur kasih
Oh nur kasih
Nur kasih

Aku kembali kerana
Masih mencari yang hakiki
Sinar pasti
Janji suci yang abadi

Nur nur ya nur kasih
Nur ya nur kasih
Nur nur kasih
Nur kasih