Friday, March 5, 2010

Grown-up Conversation

Just recently, I had this conversation with one of my friends. This friend of mine, she likes to share her experience with her previous boyfriends, and her current boyfriends as well. Yeah, I got that right, boyfriend with the s. Fyi, she is a mixed Sabahan. I envy her body. Beautiful front and back (well, at least I think so la). What more can a girl ask for? :P

So, she shared with me how she deals with her boyfriends (how many let's not talk about it k) and I bluntly told her "wow, how I wish I can be like you!" after hearing her stories. Errrr, to think about that again, no thank you. I like myself right now better. I just wanted to be sounded cool I guess. ppft.

Then, I innocently asked her, "what about if kantoi later in the future?"

And she said something like this, "well, first comes first, there's no such thing as happily ever after. S**t happens. Just see la what will happen later. Meanwhile, let's enjoy the ride."

The interesting part is, when she wanted to pass me some boy who want to date her but she rejected him because of some reason.

"Are you kidding me? No, thank you!" That was my answer. haha.

So, I asked again, why did she reject that guy. Then she said, "well, i'm not interested in Malay guyz. They are not loyal, not matured, treat their gf very badly and bla bla bla..."


Erm, okay..

So, Malay guyz are like that. And it even occurred to me that this could be the reason why I'm still single. gulp.

Whatever it is, I'm not the type of overgeneralized person. I believe she just happened to meet with the bad ones, it doesn't mean that every Malay man is like that. right right?

Owh well, it has been nice listening to her story. There were still more, but I can't share everything here. heheheh.

Monday, March 1, 2010

What Divides Us Women...

The first thing that came up to our mind (women) when we heard some guy is dating this particular girl is, "Is she covered up or not?" or in BM, "dia pakai tudung ke tak?"

Nowadays, this question becomes common among us and it actually divides us women into these groups which are covered up and of course not covered up.

So, which group are you in?

I missed out one group.There's also certain women who choose to be in between; to go covered up and not at the same time.

The thing is, we are judged by what we are wearing. Our tudung of course.

As for me, so far Alhamdulillah, I never went outside without any selendang covered my head. I pray hard on this one because I'm trying my best to stay istiqamah on covering up.

I have a lot of friends who are covered up and in fact the majority of my friends are covered up. Probably because I came from a religious school.

I hate it when people judge us by our tudung or selendang. We people who covered up are holding the image, the clean image everywhere we go. The free hair women are always referred to the not so nice attitudes.

But to tell the truth, there are no such things anymore.

The vanity is everywhere, covered up or not, we women (or human;to be in general) are always exposed to the vanity side.

I'm not a good muslimah even though I'm covered up. I'm not happy with that and always pray hard for hidayah... :(

I've been thinking of life in Here-after a lot lately.

And I'm thinking what will happen if God takes my live when I'm not ready like right now? Because to count all my ibadah right now, it makes me wanna cry so hard....

Just covering our hair is not enough! There are a lot more of things we women need to do!

Therefore, I have decided, I should read a lot on spiritually inspired books. Currently, I'm reading this book "You can be the happiest women in the world". Just about time (thank you PD!), I was looking for something good to read, rather than to read those fiction books, I'm so happy to have one of the copies right now. I just start reading on it, I'd probably put up a review on it later on in the future. InsyaAllah.

Covered up or not, let's together we try our best, pray hard, look for hidayah as much as we can. And after all, it's never too late to do the right thing now. InsyaAllah.

p/s, I never believe in "heaven can wait", it only works on narrow-minded people.