Wednesday, August 26, 2009

>> Homesick!!! <<

I juz wanna go home! Life has been so hard for me and I've become overly sensitive with my surroundings!
I really miss home very badly!
I miss berbuka puasa with my parents, MISS IT SO MUCH!!!
Sometimes, I couldn't take it anymore and I'd cry alone.
I'm such a baby, I know but I can't help it.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

>>The Blessed Drops <<

The sound of raining woke me up this morning.

It was such a beautiful morning.

I could feel the blessing of the first of Ramadhan.

It was so calm and peaceful, I feel so relax.

And the rain, it's a blessing,

After all the bala He had been throwing to us,

And today it is a new day;

A beautiful day,

And it starts with the blessed drops.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

>> J, is that you? <<

I've known this guy since I was very young. He's just a normal human being just like me. In my own eyes, I saw something in him, something special. But it happened in the past and I tried to deny everything, my feelings towards him but now I realize I can't lie to myself. I do still care about him. I know he's a jerk before, but now what I can see, he has changed. Totally changed! What hurts me the most is the fact that he has girlfriend and I think he decided to settle down. They are pretty happy now, I can see that. Until now, I'd still hold to his remarkable statement where I should find some one better than him. Well, guess this is what I'm doing right now. I'm in the search for the right one. Sometimes, I'd find it very depressing for the fact that I keep bumping to the wrong guy, and he ends up with the right one. This is not fair.

Today is his birthday and I'm sure his having a blast right now. And I'm very sure that he will receive more than just cupcakes this time. I know his girlfriend will take a good care of that. He's happy and I should be happy too. I'm still his friend and still friend with his mother. Gosh, I miss her. It's pretty amazing how easy I impressed his mom. Or maybe I'm a type of daughter-in-law material. Haha.

Owh well, this feeling should go away. I'm okay now. Positive! But I'm sure I'd feel less J (don't want to admit it) if I find my own knight. I know he's somewhere out there, still searching just like me. A path of true love is never easy. And I know if I keep on the right track, I'd be always delightful and I am very grateful to be in the circle of good people.

Till next time...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

>> Current Addiction <<

Hey guess what, my current addiction is NUR KASIH! =)

It is directed by Kabir Bahtia, who is ever-talented in what he is doing.

For those who are not familiar with the drama, I have the trailer of it, so feel free take a look at it.

It is a superb, breathtaking drama and it is suitable to watch with the whole family members.

I love the story lines, it reflects our true life in the search of true love, but of course there are certain parts which need to be exaggerated as it is a must element in every drama.

So, let's watch the trailer!

p/s, it airs every Friday, at 9pm only on tv3. ;)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

>> Paco Rabanne <<

I love the smell of Paco Rabanne's Ultraviolet. There is a new fragrance pour homme by Paco Rabbanne and it is called '1 Million'. It is a very sophisticated bottle design and it is a gold shape. Resembles power and money. Wahaha! The ads is awesome, and also check out the model! Let's take a look at it.

For those who are looking for a fragrance pour homme, you guyz should try this one. About the price, I'm sure for the fragrance lovers, it won't be a problem. ( Actually, i dunno how much it costs but it must be a mountain high ;D)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

>> What day is today??? <<

Hey, it's 1st of August and it's Friendship Day!
I woke up this morning, and my sis asked me to lock the door as she was going out to work. Then, I turned on my lappie and of course it's like a routine, facebook-ing!
I remember today is the 1st of August because some one tersalah wished me yesterday. "Happy New Month" he said yesterday. Obviously he forgot what date was yesterday. But it's okay.
However, today I didn't know it is a Friendship Day until I saw many of my friends wrote on their status and then I realized it is Friendship Day!
Here, I would like to wish all of my friends; TESLians, FB friends, Blogger friends, and my friends all over the world, HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!! =)
Without you guyz, I'm lonely! I have nobody! And you guyz really lighten my every day! Thank you very much! Love you guyz so much!
To my close friends and my best friend ever, you guyz are the best! I'm sure one day we will miss those days where we really wish we could turn back the time. Therefore, we should spend the time we have together as fun as possible. Love ya guyz. Gosh, mish you guyz already. Can't wait to see ya guyz next week!
So, let's remember this day as a day of appreciation of all our friends around us. =)