Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Most Awful Truth Ever !

My dear friend, Petite showed me this picture.
She went all fired up to discover the truth. You go girl!

It's very intimidating when to think of this.

So, it this true? Ha ha!
Because if it is, I'd never fall in love again!

Friday, June 26, 2009

.:: Malaysian Traditional Food ROCKS !!! ::.

Yesterday, I went to gerai kueh mueh with my big sis, Kok Ya.
It's only Rejab but there were A LOT of kueh mueh! We went rambang mata to choose which kueh to buy and we ended up buying so many types of kueh until I couldn't finish them all (ish ish nafsu nafsu!). I really wish my housemates were here, and they would know what to do. teehee...
So, right now I would like to share my interest in these kueh mueh. While I'm still at home I'd try my best to enjoy eating those kueh because it's free and of course delicious!! Owh no, fat alert! Damn!!!
Anyway, here are some pictures and let's start with kueh manis:

cream puff, my fave! terbaekk! inti kastard.
(seswai for teatime..mkn ni ngan minom tea, terbaekk!!)

lompat tikam, beshhh! kuah manisan.

Kueh cara; ada yg manis dan berlauk.

kuih putri ayu laa bkn kueh bunga tanjung...
thanx ja..hee...

lompat tikam berpulut, tuk sape2 yg suka sama
pulut...me, kureng pulut2 ni...

kueh sagu, or bronok (pggln org Gannu)

tepung pelita, rasanya lemak2.

seri muka or tok aji serban (rsnya da betol).

Akok, asal dari Klate.

Si femes Bahulu

Kueh bakar jagung..nyum!

kitorg pggl Tepung Kusu,
tak sure nama standard.

Bubur cacar! ailaikk!

Wah, so many kuehhhh! wahahaha!
Now, let's move on to the kueh tawar and lauk pauk, shall we....

Temosa; cam karipap la tapi inti sambal ikan
yg memikat hatiku! Fave neh!

Akok berlauk fave mak kite! Sayang mok! Mmmwahh!

Nasi dagang or foreign rice according to my father. haha.
Fave kakak ni.
(photo from Mama Yatie)

Laksa Terengganu berkuah lemak, fave satu pemili. yeay!

Kalau bertandang ke Trg, jgn lupa try Kuah Singgang ini. Fave satu pemili juga ni.

Kt Trg ni mmg byk ikan air masin,
dan makan ikan celup tepung ini adalah salah satu cara menikmati ikan.
Mkn camtu je, tayah nasi, cicah ngan sos! Voila!
(photo from Mama Yati)

Sup tulang! Mak kite ske banget!

Last but not least, ayam masak merah.
Kegemaran ramai termasuklah ai! ;)

Walaweyhhh.... These kueh mueh really made me gemokkk but I'll be goin off tonight. I'm goin to miss my mom and my dad so much! I love them to the bone! ;(

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

:: Rejab is here again::

Today is the first day of Rejab.
Everybody seems to start fasting and I'm very happy to join them. It is a good practice; spiritually and physically.

My 8-year-old nephew insisted to puasa today but his mother who is my biological sister, told him not to because he had test at school earlier today and he wouldn't have enough energy if he wanted to puasa still. The test was in the evening and he might have problem in attending the class. The interesting part is when my sister asked him, "Why do you insist to puasa today, while your friends at school don't even care about it..?" Then my dear nephew answered, "If abang puasa, Allah will love me more." The answer created smiles on our faces. =)

It's good to be in the circle of good people around here. Some people would hate me for some reasons but I know God wants me to be strong and I believe, everything happens for a reason.

This blessful month of Rejab is here, so let's take this opportunity to gain pahala as much as we can. Syaaban is next and Ramadhan comes afterwards. Let's make a good practice before Ramadhan so that we are more ready for the fasting month.

And again, I know that I'm no preacher, but I know it is the right thing to do.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Everyday should be his day...."

To Mr. Alias Mohamed,

To the man I cherish the most;

the one who are always close to my heart,

words are not enough to describe how I feel,

and today I want to come out with something from my chest

(which I rarely do).


this is his old but faithful

This has been an emotional journey to me.

I cried everytime I think of the future ahead;

what will happen to me without YOU.


I will try my best to be a good daughter even sometimes I am not.

I should cherish every moment spending with YOU.

I might not be showing my emotions that much to YOU,

that is just me and YOU know me better.


<3 <3 <3

From Noor Durrah Farahi Alias.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

..::Somewhere over the rainbow::..

courtesy of Flickr

"Someday I'll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me, where troubles melt lemon drops, way above the chimney tops, that's where you'll find me."

* * *

Rainbow is one of God's most spectacular phenomenons.

* * *

In a perfect world
Human beings would co-exist
Harmoniously, like a
A multitude of colors
each layer vibrant and clear by itself
but togetherness
boundless, breathtaking, celestial.

* * *

After every storm,
if we look hard enough

rainbow appears.

* * *

The colors of each layer represent different happiness in our life.
And I'm still searching for the colors, searching for my own

* * *


Saturday, June 13, 2009

::Bruises on my heart::

There are bruises on my heart. The old ones are about to disappear, then there comes the new ones. I thought that I was strong enough to mend but at this very moment I doubt it. Sometimes I feel so weak. God knows best and I believe I'll find the silver lining in between one day.

I realize that in the past time, I never really gave a deep thought about everything that ever happened in my life. Now, it is the time. The time to think of what should and should not be done.
I don't want to think of love matters anymore because if he's the one for me, he will come to me and he should know how much I mean to him. This is just a generic statement.

So, here I am, trying to get all the strength in this world to get through this life. I have to do this!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Owh well, LIFE IS GREAT, isn't it?

LIFE IS GREAT! That is my personal tagline in life to keep me going in this turbulent and succulent world. Whatever forms of troubles that ever occurred in my life, at the end of the day, when I look back at it, I'd say to myself, "Life is great!" I'd never feel any "livelier" then ever! I feel so grown-up! Yeah, that's how exactly I feel right now. This pimple under my lips is the proof! Ahah! Damn! It hurts so bad!

The cynical way in expressing the feeling, after all the troubles I've been through I would still say it to myself "Owh well, life is great, isn't it?" Always look on the positive angle, and you'll never regret whatever things that happened in our life. Like the Westeners always say, "There's a silver lining in between". So, bring it on, LIFE!

P/S, So far, I've been giving a lot of opinions and advices. Maybe I should change the patterns but I kind of enjoy doing it. Well, we'll see about that.

Be strong! God will always be with you!

Everyone will find at a point where he or she will be at the very down situation of in other words, at a very frustrated point. There are thousands of people out there who are having the worse day of their lives and what keep us going is the faith. Have faith in yourselves.

Swearing might come in handy but it might somehow hurt people around us. We never know. We have to be strong and believe in your faith and PATIENCE is very important. And God will always be with you!

p/s, I know I'm no preacher, but I know it's the right thing to do.


Friday, June 5, 2009

The one thing that I tried to hold on to.

"To some one who doesn't like to kiss...........

I never get the chance to say this properly....
But before that, I would like to thank for the little time we had together.....
I thought we could cope with everything and still be together...
But everything seems out of control and it's getting worse....
I don't feel any emotions towards you anymore.....
And I believe you feel the same way too towards me.....
I just want to say........
Goodbye...Goodbye to you....

From some one who doesn't like to listen........"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time won't change anything unless...........

People always say, time will always kill the pain as in time will make a change. But somehow, I believe that time won't change anything unless we do something to make it change. If we want something to change, but we do nothing, how on earth for things to change? A simple example, you just broke up, what do you do next? Move on. Yes, move on which means you have to do something to live the past behind and continue with your life. Past is past. There's no use of looking back. You have to work on it. You can't just do nothing because you might end up coming back for all the wrong reasons. Here's one thing, everyone is given a mind to be used to the max. There is no use of craving for the past. It's a big world out there. And there are tons of fish in the sea. Owh wait, this is nothing personal. eheheee~

And the same goes with other thing. You want to make a change, you have to do something. You have to work on it (I've mentioned this twice!). After all, there's nothing to lose in taking chances in life. This life is full of surprises. Life is a journey which will take us anywhere that we wish to go. Always be optimistic in everything. So, make a change. Chase your dream and follow your heart desire. Don't just sit there and do nothing. Work on your life and always move forward!

p/s, this is inspired by House M.D. and I couldn't think of any other example. ;D

My "shape of my heart" poem

This poem is not the one I sent to the lecturer, the one is more fancy! ;)
<3 <3 <3

Monday, June 1, 2009

Let's talk about unconditional LOVE!

What is LOVE? haha. That is something that I'm still searching for the personal definition. I put the word love in red just because roses are red and roses are always resemble LOVE. hehe. Anyway, I just want to share some thoughts of this thing which is called LOVE.

Unconditional LOVE. I would always have this dream, to own this an unconditional LOVE. Let me define, unconditional LOVE is when you love some one and there is no conditions to stop you from being there for your loved ones at the times he or she needs you the most. In this life, there are ups and downs. If your spouse is having an issue and does not show much love towards you, you should not step back but what you should do is you should come forward and comfort your spouse. And one more thing, you should always be there by your lovers side and always convince him or her that you should never lose each other. It is like an ultimate love and I long for that kind of LOVE! However, it is not impossible to achieve.

So, when will I find some one who can offer that kind of LOVE? Only God knows. ~

It's the time of the year again!

Kenduri. Kenduri. Kenduri. It is almost everyday we are goin to attend kenduri. My mom doesn't have to cook these day. We just wake up in the morning, drink Milo as the starter then get dressed for the kenduri. And here is the thing
, I don't really have baju kurung to wear. Well, here we go, I will always trouble in picking what to wear for a kenduri. I have to look good especially it is my friends' weedding! Yeah, that's right! My friends who some are the same age as I am. huhu. Scary to think about it. I mean to get married at this age. I am like a free spirited rabbit, jumping freely on the green field and suddenly I got caught and to be put in a 'sanctuary'. So much for the 'sanctuary'...haha. That is what I imagine myself to get married at this age. It is not that I'm not agree with the youngsters to get married at young age but, there's a but there, I don't see it well in me.

Owh well, let's not talk about marriage just yet. What is it all about again? Owh yeah, kenduri. It is the time of the year where everyone is busy to knot the ties. Some say, mating season? haha! Anyway, this also means to eat, eat and eat A LOT! The menu is nasi minyak (includes chicken, meat and some fruits) and air sirap. That is like the basic one. What I look forward for every kenduri is the taste of nasi minyak. Some would taste so good that I'd wish I could tapau them but some would taste so "i shouldn't really be here"!huhu. But I tell ya what, of course la saya ikhlas pergi majlis2 kenduri tersebut, the nasi minyak is not the main reason!

The school break just started and there are loads more of majlis kenduri to be attended. Usually, my mom would alert me the night before about the kenduri so I would get ready the next day. Anyway, I really hope to have kenduri at my own house. Not for mine, for my siblings of course! When are they ever going to get married???
What a good question!