Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So in love with this man!

He came into my life like a storm.

I can't help but to fall in love really hard.

His preach is so easy and peaceful.

Falling so hard and it makes me believe I wouldn't find some one like him anywhere else..

He's none other than..


His face reminds of me Chris Daughtry and his voice too!

Anyhow, I just love this man.

I love all of his nasyeed songs!

I never thought I would love nasyeed songs as much as this one.

He came into my life and changed everything about me.

Just through his songs..

I become a better person.

Owh dear Maher Zain, you have no idea, what you have done!

And right now, I'm demanding for a husband like him..
Is it too much to ask?

"Thank you Allah" is the album.

Go get it guyz!!! It's worth every cent of your money!
Trust me!

My driving becomes more meaningful while listening to this album.

Owh dear Maher Zain, your wife is just SO LUCKY to have you!