Thursday, February 18, 2010

First Love

Everyone will have the experience with the first love.

Some might get very lucky, end up with the first love and still going strong.

I envy you people.

At this very moment, I just realize that my first love is truly my first love.

What I mean here is, I just realize how strong my first love is. I even pat myself at the back, admiring myself for still having the same feeling for about 11 years. With the same guy.

He was my first love.

I still remember how naive I was back then but still I was able to like, admire, or love, this guy.

I thought I've already moved on, but I guess it's never easy to walk away.

I bumped into him recently, and we even met at our so-called reunion. Well, I remember I was very cool, we talked like two old friends who haven't met for a long time. Inside my heart, only God knows what!

He looked stunning like always. Well, depends on how you perceive stunning as this is full of biased! You have to understand this situation.

Erm, I guess I'm okay, nothing to feel sad about, it is all in the past now. It's time for a new chapter. Looking back once a while is okay, but don't get too carried away, it will only do us harm.

Wait, nothing to feel sad about eh? Maybe a little bit.

Well, at least we're still friends, that's important.

So, all the best to all of us. Good luck in every thing you do.

And as for me, it's time for a new love. I will keep searching and searching until I get fed up. I don't mind. Life is just cruel like that.

Words of wisdom: "
You don't just stop loving someone; either you never did or always will."


  1. patot post gamba neh.. haha

  2. wow... I'm sure your feelings are deep for ur first love!

    but I'm sure you'll find the Last Love -- love of your life ;)

  3. puffy! wahahahaha! no pictures can describe my feeling about this one! xD

    tea! ehe. thank you very much! i'm so looking forward for the love of my life!owh i can't wait to meet whoever he is! =)