Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's Okay If You Want To Get Married...


My best friend revealed to me not long ago, that some one asked her to get married. Some kind of proposed I guess.

I had a shock of my life!

I don't even know that guy, she just told me like that, it's indeed shocking!

So, I was being a total jerk. I told her all the excitements that she'd be missing if she gets married at this age.

Not to be jealous or anything, but I was simply being selfish. All I was thinking was that, "How am I going to go shopping if she really gets married right now?" or or or "I can't hang out with her anymore after this, not after she got married with I don't know who that guy is!"

I was thinking straight. I'm sorry.

I should think more on her side. She seemed puzzled as well. And I shouldn't be telling all those things that totally not helping her decision. Well, it does help but it is just not it.

From now on, I'll be more rational and supportive. To my dearest best friend, I really really really love you and if you really really really think and have already given a deep thought about my opinions about it, I think it's okay if you want to get married now. Like you said, it's a big big decision.

I don't wanna be such a jerk friend, and keep you from what you really want. Follow your heart, and most importantly, solat istikarah if you have to. hee.

Since we'll be graduating soon (well, I have another semester ahead), I don't see it as a problem anymore to think about marriage. Maybe your time has come.

As for me, I'll be fine. I'll be your fairest bridesmaid, if it going to happen this soon laa . teehee,

So, here I even have a picture of a perfect wedding outfit. I'm sure you will love it as much as I am. hee.

Credit picture to tealovecoffee. :D

I think you'll like it in green rite? hehe.



  1. awww I had the exact same experience four years ago when one of my bestfriends got married young (and I couldnt attend the wedding). So sad right, the tought of she is going to be someone else's now.

    its okay, you will be over it in no time! (once you see her juggle with diapers and milk bottle)

  2. thanx for sharing your story kkg! ehe.
    and she just told me, "hey, i'm not ready yet laa!" ahahaha. but, whatever her decision is, i will support her 100%! eheh.