Wednesday, August 19, 2009

>> Current Addiction <<

Hey guess what, my current addiction is NUR KASIH! =)

It is directed by Kabir Bahtia, who is ever-talented in what he is doing.

For those who are not familiar with the drama, I have the trailer of it, so feel free take a look at it.

It is a superb, breathtaking drama and it is suitable to watch with the whole family members.

I love the story lines, it reflects our true life in the search of true love, but of course there are certain parts which need to be exaggerated as it is a must element in every drama.

So, let's watch the trailer!

p/s, it airs every Friday, at 9pm only on tv3. ;)


  1. kalo bab2 drama nie,
    agak sukar nak follow...
    byk household chores yg kena disettlekan...
    rugi rugi...

  2. rugi betol akak. best gila citer ni..heheheee.
    free2, tgk la utube...huuhuuu~

  3. pergh~!
    aku tanak amina tu baek ngan adam!

  4. kdg2 aku pk camtu gak...tapi adam hero citer tu, mesti amina end up dgn adam..kecian aidil..huhuuu~