Saturday, August 1, 2009

>> What day is today??? <<

Hey, it's 1st of August and it's Friendship Day!
I woke up this morning, and my sis asked me to lock the door as she was going out to work. Then, I turned on my lappie and of course it's like a routine, facebook-ing!
I remember today is the 1st of August because some one tersalah wished me yesterday. "Happy New Month" he said yesterday. Obviously he forgot what date was yesterday. But it's okay.
However, today I didn't know it is a Friendship Day until I saw many of my friends wrote on their status and then I realized it is Friendship Day!
Here, I would like to wish all of my friends; TESLians, FB friends, Blogger friends, and my friends all over the world, HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!! =)
Without you guyz, I'm lonely! I have nobody! And you guyz really lighten my every day! Thank you very much! Love you guyz so much!
To my close friends and my best friend ever, you guyz are the best! I'm sure one day we will miss those days where we really wish we could turn back the time. Therefore, we should spend the time we have together as fun as possible. Love ya guyz. Gosh, mish you guyz already. Can't wait to see ya guyz next week!
So, let's remember this day as a day of appreciation of all our friends around us. =)



  1. hoi durrrrr.... happy, jgn x happy!!

  2. Happy frenship day~!!! Hehehe...Nak kepok lekor!

  3. I know it was very late wishes..but


    I'm glad get the oppotunity to know you:hugs:

  4. midin, nak datang ah gannu! heheheheheee~

    yaya, i'm glad too. :hugs:


  5. hai there...thx for droppin by my blog the other day..

    hepi fwenship day...i'll dar-link u ya...