Sunday, October 11, 2009

-.-.- Older Wiser -.-.-

The terms "older wiser" is very common among us when to describe the older we are the wiser we will be. I totally agreed! And I'm referring to myself! I feel so much older and wiser right now!

The more problems, issues, obstacles, difficulties, etc etc I have to go through, the more strength I'd gained and the more confidence I'd feel to go through this life. I might be very different from the previous years, and now I proudly want to say that I am matured enough to make any decision in my life. A bit too late maybe, but I don't mind. This is the real turning point of mine! No words can describe how grateful I am right now. Alhamdulillah.

Any how, there is more to come in the future and I know I'm only human; I might fall again but I believe if we keep a strong faith in ourselves, we can make it through. Yeah, I believe. InsyaAllah.

My view towards "love" has changed and the other perspectives too. For the guys who think they can come into my life and mess it all, coming for a free ride, you guys better back off! I'm furious about this. I'd rather be single for a long period or maybe forever if there is a need for me to choose between those. My love is.....

My life is beautiful even though it is not perfect or even sometimes I'd find it shitty but that's life. The real winner is when you can cope with all kinds of obstacles in this life. When you fall, you never give up, stand again even though it is very hard, stand up no matter what, keep on moving forward, achieve what we should be achieving. That's a real winner.
And remember one thing, "Kebahagiaan bukan hanya memerlukan cinta, tetapi jua pegangan dan ilmu pengetahuan".

I am proud with who I am right now. I am older and I'm wiser.


  1. Hola!!! :)

    Never give up and never surrender dats for sure:)

    Life is great when u ken face it with a smile and full of confidence..

    About the love will come one day for u:)..dont wori..:)

  2. life is a learning process dearie...
    we learn from our mistakes and improve ourselves..
    insyAllah we'll be a better person...

  3. thanx sis...
    but i'm only a weak human being,
    the more i try to change, the more i'm still the same.