Thursday, October 22, 2009

-.-.- Where are you? -.-.-

Why are you doing this to us?
What have we done to deserve this?
Have you thought of what are we feeling right now?
We are freaking worried about you!
So please, come home, contact us
wherever you are...


  1. xbalik lagi ur sis?
    be strong
    u shud comfort ur parents?
    how r they?
    u be strong girl!!

  2. ey.... ur sis xblk lg.. isau la.. dh report police??

  3. thanx korang.
    it's really complicated to explain.
    my parents don't know whats hapenning right now.
    this situation is really hard to explain, just hoping for the best to happen.
    thanx again, korang.

  4. sian ur parent n u...b strong kay~!!!