Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hopefully, things will get better when I go home,

Hopefully, my mind is more stable after I get home,

Hopefully, I won't be hoping on you anymore after this,

Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully,

you understand what's in my heart by now.


  1. I don't know what is all about, but like you, I also have my ups and downs. Sometimes it is so upsetting when we can't do anything to change something. Keep on praying my dear. God is listening. Everything will be fine :)

  2. what's bothering you,,durrah? mind to share it with me? i'd love to have a lil private chat with u someday,,u're such a mystery to explore. eheh :D

  3. first of all, thanx a lot my dear friends! =)

    angel, i'm trying my best to keep the strong faith in me. i wish i'm some1 better. i wanna to change, and become some1 better. but the more i try to change, the more i'm still the same or even worse? owh God, this is too much! to keep positive, life is great isn't it?

    kak syiro, well, it is a typical problem laa. my love life sucks. everytime i like some one, bad things would occur and it hurt so bad. i'm at the point where i can't trust love anymore, i mean does it really exist? i want a true love so bad. i'm suffering...

    p/s, sorie bls lambat tau. hee.

  4. i think ur life is not as sucked as mine... hehe

    make sure that u love urself more than u love other people. In Islam, loving other people more is considered HARAM...

    p/s : so,enjoy your life and and LOVE URSELF!!