Friday, July 31, 2009

.:: Singles Club! ::.

erm, juz take note on the Singles Club k. ;D

This entry was created after I was informed, my two hot friends, Waed and Mimi ARE NOW SINGLES! Yeah, trust me when I say THEY'RE HOT!
I know them from childhood. They are my friends from my primary school. I always felt jealous to see them back them and still admiring them till now. Some people are very lucky to be born with natural beauty and would look good in every angle. (T_T)
Unfortunately, I don't have their pictures. They're not just physically attractive but they also have the BRAINS! Wow, I am so into this! LOL.
What I would say about this is that even though they were so crazy in love before this and what happens now?
Owh well, the path for true love is never easy. So, hang on there guyz! Join me in this journey! I'd be here for you guyz! Yiehaww! (excited pelik aku ni)

Anyway, everyone is welcome but make sure you're 100% single okay! *wink*


  1. dyla, anda sgt bertuah!!! eh, tak aci maen tipu okay.

    AD, ermmmm let me think first....u're a guy...shud be in other club....haha! ;P

  2. en. monkey, sure kah anda singe?

  3. oohhh..ko ader blog...hahaha..gotcha~!

  4. Lya!!!! hahahaha! sila sila link aku. ;D