Friday, November 6, 2009

MY LIFE PLAN (part 1)

I've been emotionally down lately, but I' getting better now. Ho yeah! I was thinking about my life plan a lot lately. So, here it is:

I need to get a job with lucrative profits, then I'll work super hard and until I'm financially stabled, I wanna adopt a child or two. Then, we'll live happily ever after. InsyaAllah. Life should not be complicated.

Don't get me wrong when I say I wanna adopt a child. I wanna get married, and have my own children, I really want to. But to think of the process, going through a relationship with a guy is very complicated. Sometimes, I think I will never find the right one for me. Pathetic! Saya lebih rela single je memanjang kalau jumpa2 dengan lelaki tak guna je, bukan cinta! Saya mahukan cinta sebenar. True love! Haihhh!

Anyhow, saya berserah pada Ilahi. He knows what's best for me. About the plan above, I'll try my best to adopt a child one day. At least, bila semua orang da busy ngan rumah tangga masing2, I'll have my little angel on my own. Huhu.

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