Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An English Teacher

As I was looking at the students running during the recess time, I wonder how are the future of these students. Most of them are Chinese, and I'm here teaching these kids.

I feel very awkward at first, not to be a racist, as the one Malaysia mood is in the air.

I've never been before in the circle of other races. So, I never knew how to deal with them.

This is my first time to be in the groups where everyone is sepet. Well, it's not that there's no Malays and Indians but Chinese are the majority here.

As a teacher, we should know well about what we should do which is to educate the future generations. Without complaining, we have to because this is what we have chosen. And I think I'm in the right path.

The taxi driver once told us, how proud should we be, to become an English teacher in a Chinese school. And I have to agree with him 100%.

People might not know what we have been through everyday., the challenges we are facing in educating them.

These Chinese kids, most of them are not from very highly-educated family because if they are, they wont be there, they would probably be in more standard secondary school.

The problem with these kids is THE LANGUAGE. They are good in speaking Chinese but they are very weak in Bahasa Melayu. So imagine, we're here to teach them English?

What should we (the trainee English teachers) do?

We have tried body language where our hands and face expressions are used to the max! That's why we are very tired every time we finished our classes.


I guess I better hit the sack. There are still a lot of things to write here but I'm too tired now.

Owh yeh, I have to teach Pendidikan Seni tomorrow. Argh! I hate it! I mean, I hate doing something which basically I have no idea of what to do, it's not even my minor! I can't just neglect the students (that's no good), I mean I can just go inside the class and ask the students to draw whatever they want because I can't guide them with drawings, it's simply because I can't draw. How can I teach them! I'm crying silently. T_T

Owh well, I'll figure out something.

Good nite.

p/s, I love my students.


  1. once u da g sekolah, mmg u will always think about ur students. hehe. goodluck teacher ahi! :)

  2. you're so right syud! thank you! ^^

  3. pendidikan seni....uli2 tanah woo~~
    go go teacher durrah!!

  4. uli2 tanah liat???? apakah???? LOL!
    okay bebeh! thank you! :)