Monday, January 25, 2010

The Girlfriends


Gosh, I thought I was one of the toughest people to get any infection easily but I guess my anti-body is not that strong anymore. I have to take some supplement or something to get me going tough again. Well, if that ever going to work la kan. haihhh.

So, I'm not feeling well. The best people to be around me right now are my good girlfriends. They are being very nice to me and I'm glad to have them around, especially when I'm sick, they are always there to cheer me up and willing to send me to the clinic. Thank you guyz! You know who you are. *wink*

And I'm thinking, so far I have so many girlfriends to compare with the boy-friends. This is pretty fun actually. And I love my girlfriends!

This probably happens because I came from all girls school. And and *coughcough*...never mind about that. hehe.

The cool thing about having girlfriends, we won't have any problems in hugging each other and especially times like this, I need as much hugs as possible. :(

I miss my family actually.....

However, I have to be strong. I admit I'm a spoil child, but right now, I'm trying my best to stand on my own. My family are far away, and I have to be independent.

This is not going to be easy. Right now, I fell sick but this is not going to stop me from doing my routine . And since I'm doing my practicum now, I think I need to be more decisive. I have to be determine to achieve something. And after all, I'm the role model for my students now. So, I need to behave.

Wait, I was talking about my girlfriends lah, see I've melencong. teehee.

Owh yeah, I don't mind to be friends with many girlfriends, but I'M STRAIGHT okay!

Owh, I'm done with my ROS report! Yeay!

But there's something upsets me at the moment...



  1. role model for my

    i'm here 4 u....

    wat is that'something' upset me at the moment??

  2. thank u na. =)

    that something i let u know later k? ;)