Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Practicum Kick-Off!

Yesterday was a history!

It was my first day at my school! First day on my teaching practicum of course!

One word to describe it, CHAOTIC!

Have I mentioned it's a Chinese school?

Well. it's like 99 % of the students are Chinese and they speak Mandarin most of the time! There are some peralihan classes where they can't speak Malay or English and imagine how would I handle those classes???


Owh well, I take it as a challenge and I love challenges! Bring it on! xD

For this week, we were given a 22-period schedule replacing some teachers. Just for this week though but I can foresee it's going to be a long hell-like week!

Anyhow, it's going to be fun I guess, give some space for optimism, will ya???

Owh yeah, the four of us (Emmie, Has, Gee and me) are given the evening session. Not so cool, because we were informed that the students in the evening (which consists of Form 1 and 2 students) are very very very active! So, good luck to the four of us!

We were told that we will given 5-period classes for English and the other five periods for other subjects such as Pendidikan Jasmani, Pendidikan Seni, Pendidikan Moral, and etc etc. (Please take note on the Pendidikan Seni).

So, we were so excited about it? Pendidikan Jasmani??? Hahaha! Interesting! Pendidikan Moral, okay laa. Pendidikan Seni??? hahahaha! God Bless me!

Here is a picture of my first day inside of the classroom teaching the form 1 and 2 students. Note that, I drew the picture myself.

erm, it was just a relief class, i know...

it was out of control!

By looking at my drawing above, am I eligible enough to teach Art lesson???



  1. hey, don't worry about it too much.. u'll end up up stressing urself out more.. trust me, if there's one thing i've learned from my practicum experience, it's patience.. and a whole lot of it.. we are dealing with human beings and each and every one of them are different individuals.. don't put too much pressure on urself.. everything comes with time.. :)

  2. hey aimi, thanx! really appreciate it! but those chung hwa's kids really testing my patience! they are out of control! it's the third day, and i got sore throat already. huuu.
    i'll try my best! and i need your support! ;)