Monday, January 18, 2010

This year...


I seldom posted anything since the new year.

Been pretty busy with the practicum and stuff and of course laziness gene! haha.

Let's cut the crap. I've been doing a little "research" on handbags. The answer is only one word, it is CHANEL!

A Chanel bag is the only thing that I've be dreaming, dying to my dream!

So, I bought new handbag and new clutches. And this year, I'm going to have loads of new bags and clutches since my mind can't stop thinking of having a collection of bags and clutches especially!

My parents won't be happy about this. But I always believe that these babies are really my happiness at the moment. They are my ultimate happiness, since my family are far way from me. Well, don't get me wrong, I'm not staying abroad or something.

Other than bags, I'm thinking to have new blazers. I'm thinking of the cool design where there are beads on the shoulders. I've found it but I should be patient not to just buy because I might find something cooler than that later on. Or maybe I should just buy? Find another one, just buy it too?

And I keep telling myself, "Money doesn't just grow on tree, Durrah! So spend wisely!"

Don't worry, I AM planning my financial right now, ehehe. I mean after posting this post, or maybe later on, when I'm free, when I feel bored, or maybe next week? Erk....


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