Monday, June 1, 2009

It's the time of the year again!

Kenduri. Kenduri. Kenduri. It is almost everyday we are goin to attend kenduri. My mom doesn't have to cook these day. We just wake up in the morning, drink Milo as the starter then get dressed for the kenduri. And here is the thing
, I don't really have baju kurung to wear. Well, here we go, I will always trouble in picking what to wear for a kenduri. I have to look good especially it is my friends' weedding! Yeah, that's right! My friends who some are the same age as I am. huhu. Scary to think about it. I mean to get married at this age. I am like a free spirited rabbit, jumping freely on the green field and suddenly I got caught and to be put in a 'sanctuary'. So much for the 'sanctuary'...haha. That is what I imagine myself to get married at this age. It is not that I'm not agree with the youngsters to get married at young age but, there's a but there, I don't see it well in me.

Owh well, let's not talk about marriage just yet. What is it all about again? Owh yeah, kenduri. It is the time of the year where everyone is busy to knot the ties. Some say, mating season? haha! Anyway, this also means to eat, eat and eat A LOT! The menu is nasi minyak (includes chicken, meat and some fruits) and air sirap. That is like the basic one. What I look forward for every kenduri is the taste of nasi minyak. Some would taste so good that I'd wish I could tapau them but some would taste so "i shouldn't really be here"!huhu. But I tell ya what, of course la saya ikhlas pergi majlis2 kenduri tersebut, the nasi minyak is not the main reason!

The school break just started and there are loads more of majlis kenduri to be attended. Usually, my mom would alert me the night before about the kenduri so I would get ready the next day. Anyway, I really hope to have kenduri at my own house. Not for mine, for my siblings of course! When are they ever going to get married???
What a good question!


  1. hoho..yep..people getting married everywhere..i wonder when is yours??? hurm..**thinking**

  2. ahaha! dunno la. i dun even have anyone to marry with...eheee~