Wednesday, June 24, 2009

:: Rejab is here again::

Today is the first day of Rejab.
Everybody seems to start fasting and I'm very happy to join them. It is a good practice; spiritually and physically.

My 8-year-old nephew insisted to puasa today but his mother who is my biological sister, told him not to because he had test at school earlier today and he wouldn't have enough energy if he wanted to puasa still. The test was in the evening and he might have problem in attending the class. The interesting part is when my sister asked him, "Why do you insist to puasa today, while your friends at school don't even care about it..?" Then my dear nephew answered, "If abang puasa, Allah will love me more." The answer created smiles on our faces. =)

It's good to be in the circle of good people around here. Some people would hate me for some reasons but I know God wants me to be strong and I believe, everything happens for a reason.

This blessful month of Rejab is here, so let's take this opportunity to gain pahala as much as we can. Syaaban is next and Ramadhan comes afterwards. Let's make a good practice before Ramadhan so that we are more ready for the fasting month.

And again, I know that I'm no preacher, but I know it is the right thing to do.


  1. ahahahaha!
    it is my pleasure kak syiro!
    wil do the same thing..=)

  2. fare..hahahaha...
    i can feel that..
    it is like a sixth sense..

  3. Durrah! MasyaALLAH, yay lupe arinie dah masuk bulan Rejab, insyaALLAH nk start puase la..

    Ingat bulan Rejab, Ingat arwah nenek, die meninggal 13 Rejab, skunk nie dah masuk lima tahun T___T, harap2 dpt a wat kenduri arwah taun nie :)

  4. jom kita puasa esok...

    sedeyh la ingt org yg da meninggal ni...
    eh,kalo jd kenduri arwah tu nanti jemput la kita dan mana la tahu kita bleyh tolong apa yg patot kat dapur ke...heheee..