Monday, June 1, 2009

Let's talk about unconditional LOVE!

What is LOVE? haha. That is something that I'm still searching for the personal definition. I put the word love in red just because roses are red and roses are always resemble LOVE. hehe. Anyway, I just want to share some thoughts of this thing which is called LOVE.

Unconditional LOVE. I would always have this dream, to own this an unconditional LOVE. Let me define, unconditional LOVE is when you love some one and there is no conditions to stop you from being there for your loved ones at the times he or she needs you the most. In this life, there are ups and downs. If your spouse is having an issue and does not show much love towards you, you should not step back but what you should do is you should come forward and comfort your spouse. And one more thing, you should always be there by your lovers side and always convince him or her that you should never lose each other. It is like an ultimate love and I long for that kind of LOVE! However, it is not impossible to achieve.

So, when will I find some one who can offer that kind of LOVE? Only God knows. ~

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