Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Most Awful Truth Ever !

My dear friend, Petite showed me this picture.
She went all fired up to discover the truth. You go girl!

It's very intimidating when to think of this.

So, it this true? Ha ha!
Because if it is, I'd never fall in love again!


  1. Durrah,

    I don't understand about this entry, what's all about?huhu

  2. Hurmmm...are you serious?

    Erm, it is about a relationship.
    But here's the thing, if u can see in the picture, the heart's positions for both girl and boy, are different. For the girl, the heart is located at the right place. But for the boy, the heart is located down there which means boys would always has one thing in their mind when it comes to relationship with a girl and it's whatever is located down there! Err..does it ring any bell yaya? huhu.

  3. A'ah la..

    xmo la bercinta~huhu
    yaya terpikir td, tapi x sampai situ.huhu

  4. actually I don't think this is hundred percent true. actually there are some girls who hook up for sex and some guys who hook up with girls for love

  5. fare, i think i have to agree with that too.

    but this picture is really intimidating!

  6. ouch ouch ouch!!!! damn!!