Saturday, June 6, 2009

Owh well, LIFE IS GREAT, isn't it?

LIFE IS GREAT! That is my personal tagline in life to keep me going in this turbulent and succulent world. Whatever forms of troubles that ever occurred in my life, at the end of the day, when I look back at it, I'd say to myself, "Life is great!" I'd never feel any "livelier" then ever! I feel so grown-up! Yeah, that's how exactly I feel right now. This pimple under my lips is the proof! Ahah! Damn! It hurts so bad!

The cynical way in expressing the feeling, after all the troubles I've been through I would still say it to myself "Owh well, life is great, isn't it?" Always look on the positive angle, and you'll never regret whatever things that happened in our life. Like the Westeners always say, "There's a silver lining in between". So, bring it on, LIFE!

P/S, So far, I've been giving a lot of opinions and advices. Maybe I should change the patterns but I kind of enjoy doing it. Well, we'll see about that.


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  2. happen?? any prob?? shud i?? hihhi.. life is great even positive o negetive sides..
    "All This From HIM"..

  3. yep, cudn't agree more.
    thanx 4 stopping by whoever u are.