Monday, December 28, 2009

Girl Power 101: Forget the jerk!

So, here is the case.

My friend told me something has been bothering her mind.

So, slowly I asked her, what's her problem, and she gathered her strength and finally she spoke out.

She said, there's a guy from her past came back into her life and apparently she realized that guy has only came back for all the bad reasons. What happened in the past was real.

She added, that guy has a girlfriend and they are having problems. She thought she was there to help him, to make things clear. She obviously has got into trouble by helping that guy.

Apparently, it wasn't kind of regular help, no need to go details into that.

And I asked her, "why did you go to him at first place? You know he's up to no good. And I know you wanted to change and leave the past behind? What happened?"

She said she was out of her mind that time, she got frustrated with other guy (guy B), and the guy from the past (guy A) came right in time and she went to the guy without thinking rationally. She must be very upset about the guy B.

I asked her how's everything now? And she said that guy A is happy with his girlfriend now, and ignores her.

The problem here, she felt used, and the feeling of anger, hatred mixing up altogether.

My, that's really bad because it's never good to have so much anger and hatred in our soul.

So, I told her, just let go. That guy is obviously useless for her. Nothing but a burden to slow her down.

Build a forgiving heart (just like my post earlier *ahem*) and give herself some space to move on, and never look back.

From my own experience, a guy can be very deceiving through his looks and his words especially! Don't get deceived. Make sure nice means nice.

Girls, we can't be pushed down anymore, stand up on our own, don't count much on men. Well, we still have to count on men after all. Think of our father or our siblings.

Remember, doesn't mean if you get frustrated with one guy, it applies to others men too. Give some space for rationality.

I told my friend, there are so many men out there, I'm sure you'll find a fine one for her.

About the jerk, just pray for his best in life and leave everything to God. There's no need for revenge or anything, let the time decides everything.

I emphasized that she should never contact him after this, and since that guy is ignoring her, this will make things easier. Just remember not to have any pity towards him anymore after this.

She seemed fine after I explained to her. And she feels so much better now.

Till next time,


  1. hope we can sing dis song one day ;)

  2. eh sila dengar lagu tu sampai abes :D

  3. well, I agree with you. Making contact with her past will only make her happy FOR A WHILE...

    Accept the hatred feelings, and pray to Allah to let it go :)

  4. kencana, i've listened to the song, i like the lyrics! one day, we will sing the song together! =)

    tea, you're so optimistic, i like that! keep it up okay! =)

    may Allah bless us all~

  5. hiii... nice blog...
    cute tempalte... luv it... :))

  6. hye caca! thanx! and i hope you like the content of this blog too! come again next time! ^_^