Friday, July 3, 2009

.:: Jumping Jack! ::.

Last nite, my frens and I went to the Mines Mall and we were hoping to watch Transformers! We rushed to the cinema as soon as we reached the place. There were no line at the counter but when we looked at the screen, Transformers showing for all rooms were FULL! I was very frustrated and was about to kick the Bummble Bee stand poster! Then, my frens were brighter enough to go to the counter first and asked for the tickets. And guess what? There were still empty seats and there there three tickets for us. I was so happy and I was about to do jumping jack in front of the counter until my frens calmed me down. I wasn't thinking straight because I was so over the moon when we finally got those tickets! Haha! Silly me. ;D

Before going into the cinema, we had our dinner first, and we entered the showing room with a high expectation!

Wahahaha! The movie was awesome! There were good blend of humors, adventure and as well touching moments which made the muvie superbly good! Good job Micheal Bay! Shia Lebouff really put a great effort on this one. I was very impressed with his acting this time. Way to go Shia! And love you. He's cute okay. Hehee.

I went home with a big smile and wondered why some people didn't enjoy watching it because I had a blast watching it! Can't wait for the third one! ;)



  1. I just couldnt agree with you.

    transformers 2 sux.big tyme.booo!! ;P

  2. boo hoo!
    maybe you're juz not into transformers.
    i've been following transformers since i was small.