Wednesday, July 15, 2009

.:: A Guy Who I Wish To Date ::.

Well well well. Look who's talking about a guy again??? Yeah yeah yeah it's me! But this time around I would like to make clear of this thing. What type of guy that I'm interested to date? (Errkk!)

From my past experience, everything from I've observed, experienced, seen, heard, smiled and touched??? Wahahaha! I should cut it off! Okay, here we go.....
  • The most important thing, mende wajib is of course la agama! Takkan nak pilih laki yang agama entah ke mana kan? Nak gak ada cita2 pegi Mekkah sesama nanti kan dan sembahyang jadi Imam kat umah sendiri ke. Jaminan di hari akhirat juga.
  • I think I'd fall for some one who has basically the same background with me. You see, I'm just a kampung girl and what I've been through is that I'd feel awkward to date a big town boy who perhaps doesn't seem to understand certain Malay customs or probably can't survive living at kampung. Come on, rumah I sgt kampung okay! Depan umah kubur, belakang umah masjid. Pagi2 mesti selalu denga ayam berkokok dan bau bunga ros yang mak tanam depan umah. Adeyh , rindu umah la plak. T_T
  • Some girls might enjoy going for a date at very fancy places, but I tell ya what, I don't! I've experienced it, and I wasn't feel comfortable and I wonder why. Maybe deep down inside me, I'm just a plain girl who always misses her mum and dad at kampung, regardless how I look on the outside.
  • I like a guy who has plans for the future. Yeahhh. Let's plan together and please take me together with you and I would not let you down. Mark my words.
  • A guy who is family-oriented! Yup, I'd love to date this type of man! Doesn't mean we have to get married right away, but the way he is devoted towards his family sometimes touches my heart. How sweet!
  • Hurmm, what else? Love me even when I'm old, ugly and fat! Yup! I want undivided love and if you could love me truthfully, there is no reason for me not to do the same thing to you. It takes two to tango, baby!
  • During the dating session, I'd talk a lot but most of the time, I'd talk crazy stuff, lame jokes that certain guy would find it boring. Lamey O me! But it would be so much fun if the guy is a funny guy! It'd make my day!And I love to listen other people talking about story of their lives, I'd be very impressed!
  • Is this too much? But what can I conclude is that I'd go for a normal low profile guy instead of a guy who is always busy with his whatever stuff and tend to ignore me. I don't mind to date a kampung guy but with a high-spirited soul to go for a change gradually not drastically. And please, no culture shock. I remember one of my friends refer me as fashion shock! Haha.
  • I'd refer this type of man as "my knight in a shining amor". ;)

Haha. I hope it's not too much. However, it is not all up town boys are the same like the ones I've met before; jerks to be specific. I just wish my knight in a shining armor will come to the rescue at the right time and take me with him, and I'll be his forever! <3 <3 <3


  1. betul tuh Durrah..first of all mesti agama!

  2. i would date a guy who is funny.that's all.

    that is if im a girl ;P