Sunday, July 19, 2009

.:: Jai Ho! ::.

For UiTM TESL Literature students, this semester (part 6), we are going to do a movie or book review for Asian Literature subject (15% for major presentation). So, I'm thinking of doing the review on "Slumdog Millionaire". And yeah, I love the OST "jai ho!" The movie has won many awards and it is definitely an Asian movie and I'm so interested to comment on it.

The aspects which need to be focused on are:
  1. Why do you choose the movie?
  2. Highlight the strengths of the movie.
  3. How did the movie contribute to deepen your understanding of Asia?
  4. How would foreigners see differently about the movie in Asian culture.
  5. Come out with all the literary devices and supported by our own original ideas!

For, this task, I've decided to review the movie. I hope my partner Badjie would be fine with it. The last time I checked, she was fine with it but it is still an individual review. However, we might replace the movie with other movie or maybe a book, we will see about that. Any ideas from others are much appreciated! Hey, wish me luckkkkk~!

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