Tuesday, July 21, 2009

.:: Reminiscing LOVE ::.

With a touch of love, everybody becomes a poet. ~Plato

This semester, we were introduced to the Shakespeare subject. So far, we were exposed to the Sonnets which are Sonnet 116 and Sonnet 130. Those two Sonnets give an impact in my love life and I'm sure the same thing happens to my other friends.

Those Sonnets are basically about how strong love is in which time won't change the love even the beauty has faded away and even perhaps sexiness has gone thin. It's ever lasting love and I think Shakespeare is not a psycho just like some people might label him as one. Let's open another entry for that in some other time.

This makes me thinking of the love that ever happened in my life. It is such a waste for some one who does not know how to appreciate my love. It perhaps my fault too, but I'd be giving all my love if it is fair for both of us to deserve such thing. So far, my love has gone into the drain, never been appreciated much from some one who I expected to be the one. I thought I saw something good in you, but I was definitely wrong.

It's a like a curse, sometimes I would think that way. It's pretty pathetic. But this needs to be changed! I know in order to find the right one, I have to meet all the wrong ones. I have to be strong. God knows best and I believe it's all worth it in the end.

I don't mind berjiwangan on my own since I have nobody to give all my love to. I guess I'm better off like this. However, if people ever going to ask me, do I have crush on anyone, the answer is yes. But it is all about the curse.

I don't know why, the feeling to be loved is getting greater and greater each and every day. My time has not yet arrived and therefore, I should not feel lonely and should not fear because I'm the spark of a blissful pearl. ;)



  1. Love this post of yours:) reminds me of myself and my past :)

    Loving someone whole heart and the next thing i know it was not being appreiciated:)

    is not a curse tho...lyk wat u say...to find the right one u need to find the wrong ones..God has other plans for you thats for sure:)

    U just enjoy life right now bcos God has many surprises up his sleeves for u..positive thinking :)

  2. William Shakespeare rocks! well I love the sonnets too, but I wonder from whom he gets the inspirations from? *sometimes, I think the young man is his beloved* but he still the love motivator for me ^^

    Anyway, I felt the same way as you, but no more right now, after some thing had happened,

    I decided that I have life to live and I shouldn't lose it.WE ONLY LIVE ONCE!

    When you said about the curse thing,I think Adrian was right, you are not been cursed, but your soulmate is not here yet, so be patience.

    Together we can fight the lonelines!

    hugs from me! xoxo

  3. yeah!! madam adzura+shakespeare= words of wisdom. Don't worry durr, your time is yet to come. Loving the person who loves me as much is what I've been waiting for all ths while. so good luck for both of us. jyeeaaahh!