Wednesday, July 8, 2009

::Something is not right with me::

It's 2 in the morning, and this semester, I'm goin to have class at 8.30 in the morning EVERYDAY! God, bless me! I should be sleeping by now but it turns out that I could not go to sleep. My mind keeps wandering elsewhere. I don't know what is goin on with me. Sometimes, I've lost my appetite. I can't keep on the regular meal. I would eat at odd time because I would not feel hungry at the right time. And I have problems in sleeping. What else? I think I'm not as cheerful as before. I don't know what is becoming of me? At one point, I feel like a total failure which is true. Argghhhh!!!! There is a certain feeling which I despise it! All I want now is, I want my cheerfulness back! I seem to lose it. Something is definitely not right is happening to me. When will this over?