Saturday, July 18, 2009

.:: White Glam ::.

I love to see people wearing white shirt with jeans or just pants especially guyz! They look so damn attractive! Owh please, some people might perasan but it is a fact. I've found it quite sometime ago. "You look so cool in your white shirt." Haha. I also enjoy wearing the white shirt with jeans; black jeans. Here, I have some pictures of myself wearing white shirt. Wahahahaha~!

at the fave spot for taking pictures! LOL!

the belt is needed so that ppl won't get confused with
a waitress! LOL!

with red shoes.

Owh well, I love to dress up. But it is hard to keep a good figure to get into those clothes. I feel like a big fat monster everytime I look at myself in the mirror. I feel horrible and I know for sure I need to get into a severe diet right away~!

But here I'd like to say that White Cool, White Glam! ;D


  1. owh.sgt cantik berbaju putih.bakal kereta saya juga bewarna putih.comelkan? ;D

  2. owh...sgt comeyl la okay! haha!
    pastu pakai baju puteh jugak bila nek keta tuh!
    cantek menarek tertarek anda mmg da bom! ;D