Wednesday, September 2, 2009

** Infidelity **

This is a common issue nowadays. Here, I would like to define INFIDELITY in my own words. Infidelity is not just between a boifren and a girlfren, but it also can happen in a friendship. BACKSTABBING is the accurate noun to describe it. Why owh why this life is so difficult for me. But I have to remember, life is an art. People are freely to interpret whatever we do and there is no right and wrong in interpretation. I leaned that in literature. However, there's always the other side of the story. We can't just listen to the one side only, owh well, there is no use of talking about this. People know bout it already.

So, I would like to share some situations where infidelity takes place.

Situation 1: As a girlfriend, do we care about our boyfriend, who does he mingle with? The answer is definitely YES! WE CARE! Erm, well for some guyz, they think it is a bit too much. He might think we were trying to control them and he always wanted his space and what's next? He's seeing other girl behind our back and felt okay about it. WTF??!!! And the worse part.....owh WHATEVER!

Situation 2: What is a true friend? A friend who dun talk back of us ( I know it's impossible but there is a limit and we know it),or maybe someone who does not spread rumors about us regardless what kind of rumor it is and the situation. It means here that whatever there is a story about us, the bad ones especially, they will never bring up the story to others and add up the spice. Well, consider how long the frenship has been goin on, the gud times we had together, how cud a friend backbiting his or her friend by doing stuff that I've mentioned...? Surely, this is part of infidelity. Nak ngata orang, diri da perfect sangat ke? Satu jari tunjuk kat orang, lagi 4 jari tunjuk kat diri sendiri...And of course nobody's perfect and my point here cermin diri dulu sebelom nak ngata orang. Or maybe juz MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS plz?

Situation 3: Well, I can't continue... Maybe next time...

P/S, I don't tolerate infidelity at all~


  1. Me too!!
    infidelity is smthng common nowadays..
    but i cant figure out y ppl stil can tolerate such thngy

  2. haha..Dur..yaya suke post nieh..lepas x stress bile mrh kat Blog?? ^__^

    nway,kalo yaya kat situasi no 1, yaya akan bg die option, take me or leave.boleh x?

    um beb kwn2 nie..actuallykan.yaya dah cam kobis busuk dah ngan dieorg nie..malas nk layan..harap..Dur bersabar2 byk2 ek

  3. dyla, i feel ya!

    yaya, tuk situasi 1, i'd choose to leave him at instant! and thanx yaya...;)

    fare, ade la kot sape2...or maybe saya sorg je yg pk lbh2 kot...