Sunday, September 13, 2009

** And she cries... **

She cries
Because she realizes,
she always asks for strength
Asked for everything.
But she doesn't contribute much.
And still she keeps asking,
never stop asking,
for the strength to endure
the hardship in her life.
And she cries,
because she knows
She doesn't deserve it.


  1. why she doesn't deserve it?
    because she is asking for more??

    that's life Durrah

    quotation from someone I love,

    "human are greddy"
    so don't blame yourself if you aking for more k.

    ps: Don't have time to talk with you.somehow, feel empty inside here.

  2. be strong...
    if u're asking from Him...
    insyaAllah he will listen to ur prayers...

  3. Thanx everyone. =)

    And yaya, you're not alone k, :)