Sunday, September 6, 2009

** For the time being...**

For the time being, I'm enjoying my life; my single life to the fullest. Of course there are ups and downs every now and then, but that's life. I have to deal with those obstacles so that I will discover the beauty of all those. I'm optimist and realist! Yeah!

Sometimes, it would occur to me, wondering should I get a boyfriend right now because the thought of being a loner is pretty scary. But when to think about it again, hey come on, stop thinking about it. Remembering what happened in the past, it gives me a creep and nightmares! I have to admit, my heart was ripped out and I was left out alone to bleed. But I'm gaining my strength slowly and I'm better now. My heart is functioning quite well and I make sure that the same thing will not happen again in the future. A few precautions will be taken.

For the time being, the things that I miss so much is my home. I miss my mom, bapak, everything at home so much! Only God knows how much I miss them! Lucky for me, I have my best friend, Farhana to hang with so I won't feel that lonely every weekend. Thanx bebeh. Love you so much!

So I guess I'll keep being single for the time being until my knight will come and take my breath away and we'll live happily ever after (dream on!).



  1. bittersweet.. being lonely but scary.. goshh.. ahhah.. btw.. gudluck!! ahahk

  2. dyla, yup2 saya ingat laaa...huhuuu...

    duwenk, thanx! ;D