Sunday, September 20, 2009

** Raya is here. **

Today is the first day of Syawal after we had been fasting for about a month. Eid or Hari Raya Aidil Fitri is celebrated to commemorate Muslim achievements to overcome endless obstacles during fasting month of Ramadan. It's compulsory for every Muslim to celebrate it. This is the real celebration for us to be proud of.

Today, I ate a lot which is typical for every of us during this season. I didn't go out today, I only stayed at home serving the guests. Really love to meet my relatives who happen to meet once a year which is only on Raya!

I did a lot of house chores lately at home. Like yesterday, I sental almost satu rumah. I know I couldn't count on my big sis, so I should just do it on my own. Then, my big bro and I collaboratively work on changing the tikar getah. The night after that, my back and my hands ached and I have to take pain killer for that. But I'm fine now and today, like always I'm in charge in serving the guests. For the task, I have to make drinks for every guest who come to my house. There's one big family came and I have to make a lot drinks. I could see from their faces, they were quite impressed. Haha. Whatever! Afterward, of course the harder part, washing the dishes! Very tiring but it was fun.

My father changed his mind about not accepting my gift. I showed it to him and he was skeptical at first but then he somehow kinda like it and he finally accepted. Must be the ego of a man! Hah! Admit it pak!

My mother is having trouble in eating the kueh raya as she has diabetes and of course she can't eat sweet stuff. I bought her a lot of them but she can't eat all of them. It is really saddening when to think about her condition. If there's anything happen to her, I can't imagine what will happen to me..................................

I think I should stop here..
Till next time,


  1. tua2 ckp kalo dah pandai wat air dah leh kwin dah tuh..hahahaha!

    salam aidilfitri Durrah!

  2. For real Yaya??? Haha! Yeayyy!!! Da boleh kawen la ni...;D

    Salam Aidilfitri to you too Yaya! =)