Saturday, September 5, 2009

** Dear Big Sis **

Dear sis,

I know I'm only your youngest sister but I have feelings too. I know "air dicincang takkan putus" but sometimes I couldn't stand you. You hurt me (not physically) a lot. I have no choice but to accept your treating towards me. It hurt so much you know. It's been my dream to have siblings who care about me and I can share almost everything with you guyz, but I wasn't lucky enough I guess. Maybe I was born to be independent since I'm away from my parents.

I know you care about your life more than anything in the world, and now you're dating somebody but at least, please don't ignore us. Sometimes, I feel very lonely and I really wish we can share the girl-talk with you but I don't think it will happen between us. Not in a million years I guess. And yeah, you can brag about your rich boyfriend because I don't care bout it. But if that makes you happy, go on, brag about it. All I ask is some attention from you and care more about my feelings. Is that too much to ask? If it is, just forget about my wish.

~Your baby sis


  1. hye babe... chill~~
    we can share thingy... i pon xde sista..

  2. yeah me too..the youngest with older brother.

    pade sape nk mengadu?? :(