Tuesday, September 8, 2009

** Ahi doesn't give it a damn! **

First of all, Ahi is my manja name at home. Pretty cute. Haha! :D

A: Durrah, you memang tak bukak tudung eh?
Me: Nape plak I nak bukak tudung?
A: Tade lah, I tengok orang lain on off je tudung tu. Sebab tu I tanya you.
Me: Owh, tu orang lain, bukan I. Pe daa...

* * *

B: Cane eh rupa you bila free hair?
Me: Erm, camtu ah, cane gi.
B: Eh, I nak tengok gamba you free hair boleh?
Me: Mesti la tak boleh.
B: Kedekut la you ni. Saving gila!
Me: (blah ah, rimas) Sorie...

* * *
Why O why?
I've been wearing my tudung since I reached my puberty, Form 2. It never occurs to me to be "free hair" like other girls. One thing for sure, my parents will be upset but that's not the thing. I don't want to touch on the hukum hakam of it because every Muslim knows it well dan seme2 pon da besa.

I'm happy to be wearing tudung just the way I am right now. I don't care if some people would like to call me orthodox or whatever, cause I don't give it a damn. From now on, I'd be more strict about it.

Our hair is our crown and only certain people would have the privileges to take a look at it. And for me, I would like to keep it to some one really special ehem ehem. Yeah, one day. :)

okay pe pakai camni. ^ ^


  1. salam..
    pakai tudung itu syariat..tahniah

  2. good on ya girl!
    ur a muslimah with strong groundings.
    keep it up.
    i wish to be just like you one day!

  3. syukur alhamdullilah on your firm stand!

  4. nice.. keep it yours...

  5. clone, thanx! (:

    tasha, thanx! and good luck to you! and I'll always be here for you. =)

    sis rasp, syukran. =)

    duwenk, i will. (:

  6. babeness..
    some people asked me the same question too..
    i pelik..
    muke i nmpak mcm budak tak pakai tudung ke..hihi
    no offense though..

    i baru tau u ade blog, haha..
    i love to read urs..

    n love u too