Monday, September 7, 2009

** Materialism **

Materialism is a word to describe something or some one who is attached to material in his or her life. Usually, it is referred to the women who they call as "pisau cukur". What I would to focus on here is that the men who are attached to materials. It is nothing to do about being a feminist, but the idea of a guy who is being the "pisau cukur" (or maybe the different term should be used?) occurred to me this morning.

Material men is common nowadays. From what I have observed (ecehhh), they are sweet talkers which I always fall for (haha!). They always look stunning in whatever they are wearing and sometimes I would confuse which I thought they are gay. Gosh I hate them! Ermm, maybe I should not start on that. Anyhow, people always focus on the women when talking about materialistic. I think it is not really fair.

I'm not being jealous or anything with them, it is just I'm thinking of their pride and dignity. Men are supposed to have the ultimate alter ego but when it comes to this, it might be the opposite way. The women spend their money for them which means the roles have been exchanged. It is like the men are the ones who suppose to stay at home to wash the clothes, feed the babies, do the cooking and stuff??? Hurmmmm...

Owh well, whatever. This is just a thought and it is generic.

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