Friday, November 20, 2009


Here's the problem,

During the group discussion for the macroteaching, I found it very hard to converse in English among the group members. This is like the first time we were assigned in the groups where we couldn't get to choose the group members (well, if we were among our closed friends, we would be conversing in Malay of course! xD). I admit, I was very uncomfortable at first but after a while, I found it very interesting and inspiring to work with the people outside of the circle. It's like something I would do it long time ago but didn't get the chance, and there's a factor of don't-want-to-offend-our-friends, if we didn't join them in the group discussion. Or maybe it is just me who think too much? Pffft!

Okay okay, my point here is that, I couldn't converse well in English. I would mix up everything, mumble here and there, and use the wrong pronunciation usually! Hahaha! That is why "practice makes perfect" is well known! My speaking skill is kind of rusty now and I need to converse in English as much as possible!

However, there are times where I could speak in English very fluently, in fast pace, it is just so weird laa dey....

But don't worry, next semester, I'll make sure all of my students to speak English during my periods and I'll encourage them to speak in English even outside of the classrooms. Sounds like a very tough job, but I what I can do is, never stop, to never give up, and never surrender! I'll do my best! InsyaAllah. ^^

So, let's converse in English, people! So that other people won't look down at us easily. =)

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