Wednesday, November 18, 2009


First of all, I would like to say this. My life is pathetic! Ho yeah!

Well, about the plan of getting an adopted child one day is no kidding actually.
A lot of consideration need to be put. And I have to be really prepared mentally and physically.
When I become a mommy, I 'll have limitation in everything..kot? But the most obvious one is of course I'll have to limit my time hanging out with friends, which I find it very hard to do it. BUT, the same thing will happen to them (my friends) when they have their own families. So, I guess when everyone is busy with their partners, I'll be occupying myself with the motherhood life. A single mom sounds so cool rite? (Note: this will sound very pathetic, so please help yourself, you can laugh if you want to.)

People has been telling me all the stuff like "Come on, Durrah. There are so many guyz out there for you. You'll find someone, one day." and there's this friend of mine who sort like accused me for going against the nature or sunnah Nabi S.A.W. She must get me wrong. It is not that I don't wanna get married, I really want to and have my own babies. I put everything to His hands. The adoption is just a back up plan mana la tahu if I kawen lambat ke, well at least I already have a baby to accompany me when I'm lonely, right?

Owh well, everything is a mess so far. With the interruption of the guy who's supposed to be gone long time ago, it makes a complete mess. I only wish to tell him one thing which is "Hey, if you really wanna do this, come on and do it right okay!"(regardless whatever I said if you really want to do it). But he seems happy without me, so WTFish I'm still thinking of him right?

So, what I'm doing right now is moving on with my life and stick to the plan no matter how pathetic it is. Let's move forward and never look back! YEAH!

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