Thursday, November 26, 2009


Yesterday, I hung around the wiser people. (The word wiser should give you the idea of the people or else think of your parents and grandparents.)

We were doing the preparation for the wedding ceremony this coming Sunday.
It was so much fun to be hanging around with those people. Like I said, they are the wiser people. So, when we talked, we talked about their lives, their families, their kids, gossiping (duh, women!), everything which made me wonder how's my life in the future would be?

It's pretty amazing when I could join in the gang. Adding up some humors (which I was afraid at first, wouldn't be accepted?) But, I was lucky maybe? Or it is just my nature? I am easily accepted by the wiser community. Haha. Whatever.

So, today I'll be joining them again. I'd feel so grown up to be accepted among them. (G, I feel so old? But wiser! Tee hee.)

Hopefully, I'd gain something today. And of course a lot energy needed today. Since I'm among the not-so-wiser people, the energy is much needed.

I'll leave you with the picture of my niece and nephew on the wedding pelamin. They were excited and Iman Qistina has this dream of marrying Dafi AF one day. LOL. (spot the little girl in red).


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