Friday, November 27, 2009


This is it.

It's the end of all the heart aching, breaking into pieces....

and finally.......


But I'm sure if it's in the real world, it will be more than that?

I mean is it really happily ever after ending, after all?

Let's not talk about it right? There's no use to argue anyway, if it's the fate.

While watching, tears rolling down on our cheeks, sob sob sob.

I like this line, "Tuhan takkan menduga kita sesuatu yang diluar kudrat kita." Something like that laa. But it really means so deep. So true.

I'm going to miss watching this series. Missing already! Luckily, there are online sources. Thanx TV3! Really made my day!

So, so long Nur Kasih! And hello Alif Firdaus? I bet that one can't beat Nur Amina! Huu.

p/s, I heard there will be the sequel of Nur Kasih? If it is, it would be so cool! ;)

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