Thursday, November 19, 2009


"I'm a proud future teacher!" Yes, that's right! I am!

Next year, I'll be starting to do my practicum in any school around Shah Alam, Klang, or Damansara. Cross my finger, I hope I will be sent to an okay school. Haha.
However, I don't mind which school actually, because what really matters is within me. I have to be prepared mentally and physically to face any kind of student inside of the classrooms.
So, here I am, working on my lesson plan for my macro teaching, just another practice before going into the real world which is the school! Yeah! I'm so looking forward even though I'd pee in my underwear when to think of the types of problematic students. LOL!

Okay okay, I'm cool now and hopefully I'll keep my cool till the end.

Teaching is a sacred profession. I can't wait to serve my beloved country by helping those poor students to be advanced so that they won't be left out in this ever changing world. I can't change the whole world but the least I can do is to do the best in what I'm doing right now. And let's contribute something to our country, shall we?

Political situation in our country is pretty messed up right now. But don't lose faith, just yet.
Give it another chance, and let's see how it goes. We can't change certain people with their obsessive perspectives, but as the future teachers, we can make a different. I'm not talking about "hey, don't vote that party, vote this one!" NO, THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEAN. My point here is that let's create a future generation where they can think rationally. If something is wrong; obviously wrong, so it is wrong. Have the guts to voice it out and let's do the right thing right! Don't blindly support something which is obviously wrong in any manner. To be able to know the right thing, that is why the knowledge and education are VERY IMPORTANT.

Therefore, I am very proud with my path right now. Proud future teacher eyy? Ehe. :D


  1. bagus.. tugas yang perlu dengan kesabaran... semoga berjaya

  2. gudluck dear! trust me, u will sayang ur students gile2 nanti.

    even if u get bad school (u might!) try ur hardest to teach the kids. they will love you. hehe :D

  3. thanx guyz! =)

    kak syiro, and same goes to you! =)

    syud, owh, i can't wait! i'll do my best! =)