Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sexual Revolution

I was reading about pre-marital sex (why on this matter is something else), and I came cross this post from "Dewanand of Netherlands".

It is relating to the post of "Pre-Marital Sex and Indian Culture".

It is quite interesting maybe I can share with anyone to read.

* * *

After the second world war the sexual revolution started in the Netherlands. Holland was one of the first nations where sex became nothing more than a cup of coffee. In the 1960's and after it the sexual revolution in the Netherlands was extreme. there was partner changes, group-sex, tools-sex, and many more materialized forms of sexual things. Now we are one generation further and look at the results. Many old people lives in extreme loneness. Family ties are practically gone forever here in the Netherlands. The whole society does not exist here in fact. Dutch nation is being presented as a fabric, where only material profit is important.

Children here have a hard youth. I feel so sad to see that young white girls cannot be happy, their whole youth is gone. For a little girl the youth must be pure and without problems of adults. If young girls are not happy then there is something really wrong with the society. In Hindu culture young girls have the powers of Durga Maata and in fact they are treated as holy members of the society. The facts of life in dutch free sex society: Many girls have no morality anymore. They see themselves as lower evolved creatures and they hate their own body. Mentally they are depressed and the result is that they do not enjoy relations with men. Lesbianism is very normal here in the Netherlands. Many young women are single and have no relations. Many white Dutch boys cannot find a girl here anymore, because the culture is gone and the pressure to be good in the sleeping room is extreme. There is always a man who is many times better and the Dutch boys knows that this is the reality. Love is gone. Tenderness is gone. Relations are built upon sexual needs, without the feeling of being connected with the other soul.

Love is completely materialized.

My vision: I think that sexuality is very important for every human being. and that's why it is better to marry at young age, to develop your own feelings toward and to fulfill your duty to reproduce. Every human being needs intimate relations to feel that he/she is living and enjoying life. But men have other definitions of intimacy than women. Maybe it is better to learn more things about the female vision on intimacy and love.

Sex and pornography are typically male things in society, because men have more needs and they must prove that they are good and potent or full with brutal male energy. Maybe it is better to make it easier to find a public woman and to let young boys develop their sexual personalities, But it is even better to let young boys marry early ages and to learn how to love somebody and to take care of the weaker gender.

The biggest problems in the Netherlands: Sexual orientation. many males have a homosexual phase in their life to experiment with the own gender. sex is the only goal of many males here. just like a sickness that cannot be cured. Many girls do not want a friend anymore and they decide to live alone forever, without children. Empty lives, filled with the richness of many thousands Dutch guilders.

Having mountains of money yet being extremely poor . Typical Dutch life here.

Many women here told me the following things: The men are just like animals, because sex and dirty pornography (doing things) are the only goals in a intimate relation with a female. The respect and tenderness are gone in free sex societies. Only doing (mating activity) counts. The satisfaction of women is very low and relations are terminated without being started.

Why do we condemn tenderness and deep intimacy (immaterial) between a man and a woman as being old-fashioned and backward? Old traditions are based upon wisdom that is developed during many centuries. the technology of the human spirit is lost nowadays and developing it again will take many centuries. We are back at the stone age, where females were preys and males were the hunters.


  1. hye babe!!! lama tak terjah... how r u??

  2. hey hey dyla! i'm doing great. how are you? so envy you, still. how's UK?

  3. poor us, the women. we should be appropriately appreciated.

  4. yeah, kara. and i wonder if there any true love out there?
    love is completely materialized, this is very depressing.