Thursday, December 17, 2009

Let's Ride A Bicycle!

I was watching my little niece riding on her bicycle on the other day, and the flashback of my childhood came into my mind.

I remember my first time riding on a bicycle. It wasn't something that I could be proud of.

The thing is my father didn't let me ride on a bicycle and never occur to me to ask him why.

The first time I really rode my own bicycle, (well since my parents didn't even bother to teach me how to ride a bicycle when I was younger) is when I was in Standard 6! Yeah, Darjah 6 okay. That's when I was able to cycle a bicycle. It's very embarrassing to think about it. I mean look at my niece, she's like what, 5 years old and she can ride a bicycle on her own, and I'm not talking about the tricycle.

Well, we can't turn back the time but we surely don't want to repeat the same mistake, means here, my future offspring. I won't let them to go through the same thing that I had been through. Heh.

So, on the other day, I had fun riding on a bicycle! I mean like REAL FUN! I joined the kids (my little niece and her friends) playing with the bicycle until the night after, I had a real pain at the back and under my feet. But it was worth the pain though cause I had fun! Haha. Whatever.

That was like I qada' what I had missed in the past. My big sis and her friend and plus her friend's children seemed to be enjoying watching me riding on the bicycle. Well, you guyz should be in my shoes and experience it yourselves!

Alright, I'll leave you with the pictures of my little niece and I posing on a cool ride which is bicycle of course. Ehe.

yeah, we had so much fun!

look at my little niece. what's she doing? haha.


  1. whoever you are, i only understand "cool blog" and for that i thank u!

  2. aww.. she's cute.. this post makes me miss my little nieces and nephews.. and what kind of bike is that? xpnah nmpk pun.. coz of the long seat n handle.. huhu~

  3. hey hey aimi. ehe. how many nieces and nephews that you have all together? sounds like many of them. ehe.
    and the bike is the latest trend i gez. my bro in law bought it. it's so cool i tell you! ;D

  4. i have plenty of them! some i haven't even met.. and i'm a grandmother too.. all thanks to my parents's huge extended family.. i'll definitely blog about them one of these days.. :)

  5. dia uat sesuatu.. mesti terasa berngin skit2...

  6. aimi, plenty? can u beat mine? i have 12 nieces and nephews altogether! ehe. and plz blog about them! i'll be happy to see them! *bitter smile*

    p/s, sorie, tgh bitter. trying my best to smile.

    dyla, dik iman said, she was kissing my back. huu.

  7. i have more than 12 on one side of the family alone! so, u lose.. hehe :p i'll blog about it tomorrow.. i'm a bit busy today.. need to pack for my flight tomorrow morning and do some shopping with the family..

    hey, i've read ur post.. it's ok.. i've had those days.. just hang in there.. sometimes people are too caught up in life that they lose sense of who they are and the people around them.. if one person can make u that mad n that unhappy, u're better off without them.. i hope this helps :)

  8. wah, wat a busy life u have. ehe. and interesting too. yeah, i lose. ;D
    i'll check your post soon okay. hee.

    hey, thanx. i feel better now. THANX! =)