Saturday, December 19, 2009

Family Day Around The World!

I've been very stressful and today I redeemed myself.

My big bro and his family came and we went to a family day of his workplace.

I wasn't in a good mood, so at first I hesitated but then after being persuaded by his children and I didn't want to let them down so I decided to join in.

It's better than do nothing at home with messed up mind right?

So, we went there with not so promising weather cause it might just rain at any time and it did raining!

My 5-year-old adorable little niece really impressed me with her language, she's pelat and she speaks English most of the time. So, imagine how cute the language would sound? And her voice is just like Donald Duck! Super cute!

Meet Sarahelwa, and she was saying, "Look makdik, flower so preetee."
So cute, I want to squeeze her!

The family day was held at the our Museum (well, not really ours, but at our place at least.huhu.) and it continued in the evening at Taman Tamadun Islam (TTI). Boy, I'm so excited about this place!

Take note that there are no pictures of us posing in front of the monuments because all of the photos are in my big bro's camera and have not been transferred yet. Bummer. There are only the pictures of me and my big niece posing posing and posing at the nearby area (using our phones of course). hehe. We girls are good at taking bimbotic pictures of ourselves. Natural talent maybe. hehe.

Before we got into TTI, we were given a passport for each of us! Coolness!

The passport, of course.

Inside of the passport, it said something about TTI and I'd like to quote some,
"TTI monument Park provides its visitors with a unique experience. Featuring 21 great Islamic Monuments that reminisce the rise of Islam into a sophisticated global religion."

There are replicas of mosques around the globe and it only takes a few hours to go around the world!

The most breathtaking one was Kubbah As-Sakhrah, Baitul Muqqadis, Palestin. It was built in 692 C.E. under the patronage of the Umayyad Caliph Abdul al-Malik ibn Marwan. It enshrines the Sacred Rock and commemorates the Prophet Muhammad's Ascension to the heavens to visit God. Inside of the monument, my nieces and I were mesmerized with the uniqueness of the structures, carvings, the materials used, everything about the place! To think of the Palestians who are trying so hard to protect the mosque is indeed a very sacred effort and the least we can do to help them is to pray hard for them. God plans everything for a reason. They all will surely live peacefully in the here-after. Amin.

My advise is, to all who read this post, you guyz should visit this place, TTI. It's really worth it! And not to forget, for Malaysians, flash in your MyKads at the counter and you'll get 50% discounts! For real okay!

I've done my visit today and for my second visit in the future, I'll get the privilege of FREE tram ride or bicycle ride! So, I can save my energy of walking (and even save time too if you're in a hurry) by riding on the tram or bicycle maybe. But I'd prefer bicycle. I guess you know why. hehe.

So, since it is still school holidays, for those who are planning for a vacation and still blur of where to go, I have the solution!

Come and visit Terengganu! Where the heritage embraces culture (erm, not sure but this tagline though. hehe.).

For the shopaholics out there, there's a good news! Batiks are on great sale here!

So, think no more! Just come over to Terengganu!

You won't regret it. =)

P/S, I feel so much better now, thank you for those who concern! Really appreciate it!
*the sweetest smile*


  1. seap ade passport tu,,giler ah..haha

  2. ken, hahaha. tu laa, hebat kot. we shud go there! ehe.

    tealovecoffe, i dunno wat shud i call u but hey thanx alot for dropping by! and yeah, my niece is so cute! ;D

  3. tmpt paling dekat blh dilupekan,,kan.. tuk>>>photo shoot,,huuu~~

  4. tu la weyh. yang jauh dipandang2, yang dekat ditinggalkan. hahaha! xDD