Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Heavy for the Holidays

*the title, courtesy of Milk Toof. huhu.

Since it's holiday, I'm gaining weight! Nothing new about it, actually.

And I guess, it's the time of the month again, pimples are gathering on my face. It's like they are celebrating the occasion. Thank you very much guyz, appreciate it so much! What occasion, you figure out yourself. But pimple is indeed a friend. When we're stressed out, it will never leave us alone, it will always be there for us. That's a quality of a friend right? Think about it okay. >.<

It's almost the same things that ever happened to me on every holiday except for few things. Like always; gaining weight, and then never ending complaint of why is this happening to me? That's the nature of human I guess (don't want to be sounded sexist here. teehee.)

Since all of my friends around here are busy, I pretty much stay at home doing what I do best, attaching to my lappie, like right now and playing with my nieces and nephew. Well, of course there are times where my father complained that I need to get away from my lappie. I know I know, I should try some other hobby and leave this unhealthy habit. Well, it is unhealthy since it only contributes more fat to my body. How many days already I've been like this and imagine how much fat I've gained! -_-"

Well, other than that is of course it's my friends' weddings! It's like an alert to me to wake up and grow up! I mean here is to start thinking of the future! But there's a voice inside, says that I'll do fine. And the voice sounds so sweet telling me that I don't have to worry, it's okay not to get married early, like my friends, because one day I'll find my knight who deserve each other (me and him) and we'll live happily ever after. It's worth the wait. We'll see about that. Thank you sweet voice! You're so sweet! heh.

This holiday is pretty special, because since I'm going to do my practicum at school this coming new semester, I received pretty good things from my parents. hehe. My mom bought me a new watch and my father bought me a pair of leather shoes. These things are very important to become a teacher. ahem. Note again that I'm only doing my practicum not a real teacher yet. Imagine when become one later but of course, my first salary will go for my parents and family.

The next cool thing that I'm about to receive is of course something really special and it's big! huhu. I really can't wait! Praying hard for that. But I have to be patient because I have to wait for a while to get a brand new one. ehe.

Whatever it is, I have to lose a lot of weight! And I need to get out from home now and do some jogging! It's about 4.30 now, I have to go and get ready. I'm going jogging at 5. Not to brag about it but I'm going to Bukit Besar which it's very challenging to jog to the top. huhu. We'll see how it goes. Btw, McD is nearby so maybe I can stop for Prosperity afterwards. gagagaga.

Haha. Till next time, GO OUT AND HAVE A HEALTHY LIFE! =D


  1. oit, joging kat bukit besor xsesuai la tuk pompuan. xingat ke cg razak penoh kate mende?hak2~

  2. mu g ngan sape?
    kan nek bukit mesti tertonggek.erkk,,tau jela cikgu razak tu wehi ckp gane..huhu

  3. ngan sedare abg mat, kak yani. huhu. now, i remember! ahahaha!

  4. hehe I like to read Milk Toof, too :D

  5. haha.tea, guess wat? i found you over there you know! ehe. ;D