Monday, December 7, 2009

Dealing With The Elderly

My grandmother has been staying with us for about a week or so already. It has been a pleasure to have her around here. She's my mother's mother. Make sense?

However, there's a interesting situation happens in taking care of my grandmother. But before to go details on to the situation, maybe I should tell a little bit about my grandmother and my mother.

My grandmother. My relationship between me and her is not really that close. Luckily, she doesn't live far from our home, so it is not that hard for me to visit her. (which I seldom did that, I know I know how bad it is, and I kinda regret that but very grateful now that she's staying with us.)
She's only has two children which are my mother and a son. According to my mother, she (mom) was not raised by her. She (mom) was raised by some one else. I can't recall who. But the thing is, my grandmother always practices favoritism which she favors her son more that my mother and that irritates my mom the most. Nevertheless, I still love her. And in fact, love her even more now.

My mother. She's my ever-conservative mother. She's conservative that sometimes it is entertaining because of her actions and her words. The thing about her is that she is kuat membebel. I hope I won't inherit that gene one day. Sometimes, it is just too much and my father and I just ignored her bebelan. Hee. Sorie mom, it is just too much for things that is just remeh. It has become her habit. But of course the thing I'd miss the most when we're apart is her lecture! Haha.

So, here is the thing.

Taking care of the elders can sometimes be patience-testing, you what I mean? But what I can see, I have more patience to compare with my mother's. In taking care of my grandmother, my mother seems to have short temper in dealing with her. She would lose temper easily with simple things that my grandma had unintentionally done. Come on, my grandmother is in her late 80's, what can we expect from her. I said this to my heart, "Hey mom, chill out, remember karma okay?" I wouldn't dare to say it loud to her. Haha. But of course, I have no such intention towards it okay.

From the situation, I have learned something. In taking care of the elders, we have to be really sincere in doing so. My mother might sometimes lost her temper easily, but I could see she really cares about my grandma. She would buy my grandmother's favorite food and would care of her clothes to wash. Maybe it is just her habit that she can't help it. But I really hope my grandmother didn't take it too seriously. I could see, she is scared of my mother sometimes. I'll make sure she's feeling okay all the time. I'll come out with some lame jokes, she'll laugh. Ehe.

Therefore, dealing with the elders is not an easy task. Remember, it is very important to respect them, and do it with love and sincerity. InsyaAllah, everything's going to be alright. =)