Friday, December 11, 2009


First of all, I would like to express my gratitude towards God. I can now think of what to wear for next semester. Just another reason to shop actually. Ehe.


I was very excited to know that I pass all papers. It was a nightmare last semester and I finally made it. Well, this is just the beginning, there's MORE to come. I can imagine how excited I will be in the end of the last semester, after sending the thick-covered book, which is the thesis, and knowing the last semester result, which will proceed me to the graduation day, I'll be dancing with the stars! Haha!

Owh well, while I was very excited earlier, then I found another news, (I know I should not be depressed anymore, but this one I couldn't help it) some one that I know quite well, got engaged. So, congratulations to you too! You've changed, you've grown up. That girl must be really lucky. Envy you girl. I will never forget what told me before, I deserved some one better. Thanx and I wish you all the best.

Somehow, I feel kind of stupid because I was planning to visit your mother, the same day you're engaged? Yesterday right? Haha. God have saved me from embarrassing myself. I can't imagine, go knocking on your house, then meet your mother who is very busy with the engagement stuff, and me? What would I do to be in the situation? Thank you God.

So, CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!

I am just so amazed with myself. I am still strong at this point. Still strong and keep moving. Thanx to all my supportive friends. Love you guyz to the bone!

Owh well, what the heck was I thinking? ppfft.

Life is short, let's don't waste it with something not important such as looking at the past maybe? Something like that, which only will slow us down and nothing but a burden. Leave it all behind, and move forward!

I'm so grateful right now and CONGRATULATIONS again my dear friends! =)


  1. tahniah anda! owh nie rupenye cerite!
    takpe kumbang bukan seekor!haha~

  2. My result, ok la. Socio betul2 cukup2 makan je. Yang penting dapat pg practicum next sem. Syukur.

  3. sayang, si ehem2 ( jam kasut jam) tu ke da tunang? omg!

  4. yaya, tahniah to you too! thanx! ;D

    angel, bersyukur laa. yg penting boleh ke practicum! let's go for practicummm!!!!! ;)

    sayam, jam kasut jam? ahaha. lebeyh kurang camtu ah. huuu.

  5. aww, congrats to you! *big hug*

  6. thanx kara! and gud luck to you!!! *hugs*

  7. yang, congratz hoho!

    anyway, if u nk buat nametag, buat yang mcm kadet polis pnye. the blck and white one, costs around rm 4 kat pkns. sbb some schools x accept nametags yg besi and gold-black..

    and do not wear >3inches heels! 1) u will get tired easily sbb nk kne gerak sane sini (and in some cases, u hv to chase the blardy students around haha)and 2) some schools x allow. u might have to wear stupid black shoes, no lace no strap, just like pekerja pizza hut pnye shoes. hoho.

    AND buy/make more thn 5 baju batik. Wajib to wear on thurdays.

    ape lagi eh tips?

    oh ya, balut ur buku prac, sbb gerenti hitam hoho.

    for ur teaching aids, kalau u tulis on board, write it back in a piece of a4 paper, and put in a folder/file. sbb u have to send in ur record book and teaching aids file to ur supervisor. compile by week, easier for u.

    on stationery, buy refillable markers, jimat. hehe. and just in case u hv to use chalks, avoid wearing black/dark baju. hoho. get extra pen murah just in case ur stdnts give u alasan "cikgu, xde pen!" and some blank a4 papers for "cikgu, x bwk buku!". stapler, glue and scissors is a must! :)

    always always always have a lil note book to jot down the name of the stdnts who are giving u trouble. that lil notebook can also act as "kertas kebenaran keluar ke tandas" haha :)


    be nice to the teachers. redha je kalau they suro buat pape. sbb mulut orang kan. cikgu2 mulut laser. hoho.

    prepare spare sport shoes and baju tshirt sukan chantek supaya mase ko-ku u can wear it. DO NOT WEAR JEANS TO SCHOOLS. some schools, again, i say x bagi..hehe. maybe u bole sediakan a nice track bottom or slacks :)

    and if u can, marks all ur students books at school, jgn bwk balik rumah. nnt stress oh..

    contct me once u da tau skola u, mabe i can gv u more tips. hoho :P

    u will learn new things once u step into the school. dont fret if the students seem to be intimidating! smile! smile!

    good luck teacher ahi :)

    bekas guru practical hoho ~__~

  8. whoa that's quite a very good info. omg i got the feeling you'll be the most stylish teacher ever. what will u introduce yourself as to your future students.. teacher durrah or some other names?

  9. waa syud cayang, thank u very much! lagi lagi dan lagi nak tips! okay, nanti kite kontek tau! thanx alot tau! ;)

    kara, i'm thinking, teacher durrah farahi. ehe. stylish or not, just wait and see, still blur right now. and so cuakkk! huhuuu~